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5 Beko washing machine common faults (with simple solutions)

Washing machines are amazing modern conveniences. But they're not immune to faults and malfunctions...

Obviously, you don't want to be messing around with an expensive piece of kit like your washing machine with a big hammer and small skills. But there may be a simple – i.e. a non-mechanical – solution to your problem.

Here are five common Beko washing machine problems and what you can do about them without resorting to getting out your screwdriver:

1. Beko washing machine not draining

If the water is not draining out of your machine, you may have a problem with your:

  • Drain hose: ensure this is not clumped up, folded in on itself or stretched out too far.
  • Filter: this may be blocked. If you feel comfortable opening the filter housing to check it for dirt or blockages, do this. Be aware though that when you open the housing there may be water inside. You can drain the water out using a tube, put a container down to catch it and/or get a bunch of towels ready. Rinse the filter and replace it.

If you don't feel comfortable dealing with any part of your washing machine's workings, it's always worth calling an engineer.

2. Beko washing machine not spinning

A non-mechanical problem which might be affecting your machine's ability to spin might be the type and size of load you've placed inside it. Try not to overload or chronically underload your machine. Also, try not to mix heavy woollen items and towels in the same load as very light items if this is a problem you commonly experience. If that doesn't help, again you might try taking out the filter, rinsing it and clearing out anything which might be blocking it. As above, when you open the draw or door to access your filter you may inadvertently allow water to drain from the machine. Take steps to prepare for this.

3. Your machine won't start

If your Beko washing machine won't start, there's an easy reset process to follow:

  • Locate the start, pause and cancel buttons
  • Press them all down at the same time for around 3-5 seconds
  • Your machine should now be reset

If that doesn't work, you will need to call an engineer.

4. Beko washing machine stuck on cycle

As far as Beko washing machine common faults go, being stuck on cycle is right up there. Here's where your problem might lie:

  • You may have accidentally set your machine to “hold wash” or “rinse hold”
  • You may have inadvertently chosen a night cycle program where there is a delay before the machine starts to cycle.

If you're confident that neither of these is the case, it might be our old friend the filter. Locate this, extract it – being sure, as ever, to prepare for water which might be in the compartment – and clean anything out stray hairpins, loose change, general dirt and the like which might be gumming it up. Rinse and replace.

5. The door won't open

If your Beko washing machine door won't open, you potentially have a very messy problem on your hands. The first thing you'll need to do is make sure that your machine isn't still full of water:

5a. If there's water in the drum

If there's still an amount of water in there, the fact that your door won't open might actually be a safety feature designed to save you from a waterlogged kitchen or utility room. There might be some dirt or detritus in the filter making this system activate to prevent the door from opening for your own good!

If there is water in the drum, first – as detailed above – extract the filter (being careful of the water which may be released by opening the housing), rinse it and replace it. This may be what is preventing your machine from draining, and thus your door from opening.

5b. If there's no water in the drum

This is where you'll need some Beko washing machine troubleshooting skills as there are a number of different things which might be wrong:

  • Faulty pressure switch: there is a pressure switch inside which tells the machine when the cycle is over. If this is malfunctioning, unplugging your machine from the wall for 10 minutes should fix your problem. This will reset it properly.
  • Faulty interlock: if that doesn't help, your interlock may be at fault. This is a very risky thing to diagnose unless you have the right skills and experience. If the simple “on again off again” approach doesn't work, you'll probably need an engineer. Otherwise, you'll be left trying to wedge or wangle the door open, which is an easy way to break it.
  • Faulty hinges in a top loading washing machine: the hinges on your washing machine's lid may have worn down. You'll most likely need an engineer to replace them – even if you have correctly diagnosed that this is what your problem is.

Troubleshooting – using the professionals

If these basic steps do nothing for your problem, the safest solution will be to locate a reliable service for Beko washing machine repair in London and calling in an expert to handle it. Any outlay is going to be massively offset by the money you save in buying a new machine!