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5 Signs You Need Oven Repair

Trying to give your latest culinary master class? Or just quickly cooking some oven chips for dinner? Either way, suddenly finding out that your cooker isn't quite working the way it should is often very annoying!

The problem is, where do you start diagnosing the problem?

Searching in Google on a MacBook Air

Simply typing "what's wrong with my oven?" into Google doesn't always show you how to fix it. Although, if that's what you've just done... this article might just be what you need!

Sadly, for most cooking appliance issues, a professional repair service will usually be required. Ovens are almost always built into your kitchen, and thus can be tricky to access for anyone without the proper tools. That said, most reliable repair companies are going to cost you a lot less than buying a whole new appliance!

Here are some common oven problems you might be coming across:

  1. 1.

    My oven doesn't heat up

    Even though different appliances will take different amounts of time to heat up, the amount that yours takes should always be pretty much the same. If your oven doesn't heat up, the most likely culprit is a broken heating element. Sadly, this will almost certainly mean that you need to call in a professional appliance repair specialist - they aren't easy to replace by yourself.

  2. 2.

    My oven overcooks or undercooks food

    This problem can go undiagnosed for a long period of time because many people will simply assume that they didn't follow the recipe correctly, or that they set their appliance incorrectly. If it's definitely not you that's at fault here: The thermostat could need replacing - this component controls your cooker's internal temperature. The door seals might need replacing - poor seals around the door will allow air to escape at inconvenient times, making it difficult for your appliance to regulate its temperature.

  3. 3.

    My gas oven isn't lighting automatically

    Gas Hob Repair

    If your gas oven doesn't light automatically, you've almost certainly got a problem with the pilot light. This could mean that:

    a) You keep having to relight the pilot light as it constantly goes out.

    b) The pilot light is more yellow than blue in colour, meaning there's not enough oxygen reaching it.

    c) You have to light your cooker manually - this usually means that the switch is broken rather than the problem being the pilot light itself necessarily.

    In any of the above cases, you're going to need an expert to take a look at the situation. And without fail, if you have a gas appliance, you should have a working - and regularly tested - carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your kitchen.

  4. 4.

    My oven causes power surges

    This one is definitely a job for the professionals. Stop using your oven immediately and call any service for oven repairs in London - if you're based in the capital - that you trust. Electrical faults which affect your whole home simply aren't worth the risk of dealing with yourself.

  5. 5.

    My oven cooks food unevenly

    If you regularly pull pizzas which are half cooked and half still frozen out of your oven, it's a pretty clear sign that something is at fault. If there's nothing obviously amiss, it's time to call in some outside assistance.

The fault could be any one of a number of things, which without the proper tools, the average user will struggle to diagnose and fix!