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AEG Competence Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

The AEG Competence range of ovens takes your cooking to the next level. From built-in single ovens to premium double ovens cooking is simple and clean. Classis designs focusing on high-quality extras such as pyrolytic self-cleaning and steam assistance make these cookers a popular choice.

But even with the latest technology issues and faults can occur. Look at some AEG Competence oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Complications

AEG Competence double oven problems may include:

Oven not heating

This could be due to a defective fan or oven element. If the fan is running and the thermostat light is on and there’s still no heat this indicates the elements have failed. A damaged or faulty coil will prevent the oven from heating up properly. There are usually three elements in a multi-functioning oven and if any of them stop working you’ll get uneven cooking or no heat at all.

Oven has no power

If the insulation breaks down in the elements this will automatically trip the switch on the circuit breaker. Earth leaks or wiring faults, and faulty power sockets can also be the cause. You’ll need a technician with electrical experience to diagnose these issues.

Oven keeps cutting out

This may be related to an overheating problem caused by a faulty safety thermostat, the main oven thermostat, or a defective fan or fan motor. The safety thermostat will prevent the oven from overheating by simply shutting it down. When this happens, the oven will go totally dead after about ten minutes and nothing will power up. Your thermal limiter will need to be replaced by your engineer.

Oven fan is intermittent and noisy

The fan and the cooling fan motors could be the reason for this. Cooling fans draw cool air into the oven and blow it across the top of the cooking area. This keeps the control panel, knobs, and door cool. Over time the bearings may wear, and the motor can become noisy.

Oven grill doesn’t work

There are several reasons for this to happen and they include a faulty grill element, the overheat thermostat, the oven changeover switch, and possibly the main oven thermostat if that is used to regulate the grill temperature. The grill element heat settings are controlled by an energy regulator behind a knob on the oven control panel. This regulates the heat output by the amount of power sent to the grill element. Any fault here will prevent the grill from working.

Oven door won’t close properly

AEG oven door hinge problems can be quickly sorted by your technician. When the door is open even slightly heat will escape from the oven, not only wasting energy but extending the cooking time of your food. Door hinges can wear out and not hold the door on place. And a broken hinge can make cooking impossible. Freestanding oven doors may not close properly if the appliance isn’t level.

Oven clock won’t set

AEG oven clock problems are quite common. And are often related to a break in the power supply. The clock should flash after the power is reconnected and allow you to set the time. If this fails, then the issue could be with the terminal block. This will result in a clock that’s not displaying. Or the fault could lie in the clock itself. Worst case scenario is a replacement clock fitted by your engineer.

Need an Experienced Technician?

Our AEG oven repair London professionals will provide you with a fully insured service. Our experts know just how to fix your AEG Competence oven. And you’ll be able to get a quote before your work begins. There won’t be any deposit needed or call-out charge. And if you need your oven repaired quickly that can be arranged too.