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AEG Favorit Dishwasher Problems And How to Troubleshoot Them

The AEG Favorit dishwasher has an A rated energy efficiency, cleaning, and drying performance. With innovative start delays, intensive care and Bio programmes. Foldable shelves and auto half-load settings. Everything you need for an easy to operate, quietly functional appliance.

Occasionally your dishwasher may not work as intended! Want to know more about AEF Favorit dishwasher problems and troubleshooting? Read on…

Common Issues

AEG Favorit dishwasher problems may include:

AEG Favorit dishwasher won’t start cycle

When your dishwasher doesn’t start this could be a problem with door closure. Or the delay start function isn’t disabled. There may be power issues, circuit-breaker and fuse complications, or a previous cycle could be incomplete. A service engineer will quickly diagnose and fix these problems for you.

AEG Favorit dishwasher not draining

When the appliance doesn’t drain the water, this could be due to a kink or bend in the drain hose. Or a clogged sink spigot. A dishwasher filter blocked with food residues can also have an impact. And where the central filter is sitting – known as the sump – can also get obstructed. A qualified technician will quickly sort these issues for you.

AEG Favorit dishwasher not heating

Lack of hot water means by the end of the cycle your dishes are still dirty and wet. The fault could lie with the heating element or the flow-through heater that control the temperature and the drying process. Thermostats regulate the water temperature during the wash programme, so any defects here will result in the temperature being incorrect.

AEG Favorit dishwasher not filling with water

AEG Favorit dishwasher troubleshooting covers a dishwasher failing to fill with water. This can be caused by several problems which all tend to need professional repair. The fault could be related to the water supply. Or due to a water hose fitted incorrectly, kinked, or damaged.

The water inlet valve controlled by a timer and float switch may be faulty and need replacing. The float switch monitors the water level. If this gets stuck or blocked it won’t disengage resulting in the inlet valve stopping the water coming in.

Leaks, blockages between the pump and the spray arms, and defective door switches can all impact on the dishwasher filling.

Error Codes Explained

AEG Favorit dishwasher error codes will help you to determine what is causing the error. You can then pass this information on to your technician. Different codes and flashing lights will refer to different models. See a selection here…

Flashing indicator lights such as “rinse and hold” can be caused by problems with the water tap, the mains water supply, or a blockage or damage of the inlet hose. “Intensive 70” flashing lights mean that the drain hose may be kinked or damaged. Or the drain hose extension is unsuitable. A blocked sink can also be the reason for this fault.

If “Normal 65” is flashing this shows that the protection against flooding is active.

Fault codes include:

C2 with flashing selected wash programme indicates a possible blocked syphon, or a drain hose incorrectly laid

C3 displayed on the multi-display shows triggering of the leak protection system

Error code 10 implies the dishwasher isn’t filling with water

Error code 20 denotes the dishwasher not draining

AEG Favorit dishwasher error code 30 and AEG dishwasher error code 30 indicate the anti-flood device has been activated

Problems Solved

AEG dishwasher repairs in London are only carried out by trained and qualified engineers. Trusted professionals will bring all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job. And your fully insured service will come with a six-month quality guarantee. Your issues will be diagnosed and quickly fixed. And your AEG Favorit dishwasher will soon be up and running once more.