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AEG Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Error codes displayed on your AEG washing machine act as diagnostic tools when your appliance is experiencing problems. The triggered error code will let you know what the problem could be even if you need to call in a professional to fix it for you.

See a range of AEG washing machine error codes here…

AEG washing machine error codes explained

AEG washing machine error code E10/E11/E12 or AEG washing machine error code C1

All of these codes indicate there’s a problem with water filling the drum. This could be due to a faulty inlet valve, an obstruction in the hose, low water pressure, or faulty fill valve. A defective pressure switch may cause issues with water fill during drying.

AEG error code E13

If your appliance has a leak detection system fitted this code will apply. It may be caused by the water circuit on the pressure switch leaking or being blocked, a faulty pressure switch, or issues with the door lock.

AEG error code E20

AEG washing machine E20 error code indicates that the appliance is unable to drain water. This may be caused by a blocked drain filter or other drainage issues.

AEG Lavamat E20

AEG Lavamat error codes include E20 or C2 which signify pumping problems, and again the appliance won’t drain and the drum won’t turn.

AEG washing machine error code C9

This error message is displayed when an imbalance has been detected during a spin cycle which may stop the operation.

AEG washing machine error codes EFO

When your appliance is displaying this message it's pointing to a clogged drain filter which may need to be replaced.

AEG error code E21

When this error code shows it could be due to poor draining caused by the drain hose being blocked or at the wrong level. Other issues may be with the drain filter, drain pump, faulty wiring, or a mainboard malfunction.

AEG error E22

This is a difficulty highlighted during drying with reasons as detailed in error E21, plus there may be a blockage in the drying condenser.

AEG error codes E23 and E24

These codes refer to the triac that controls the pump function on the main controller implying it may be defective. Faulty wiring and a malfunctioning main board could also be the culprits.

AEG washing machine error code 30 or C3

Leaking water is the issue indicated by these error messages and can be due to a defective water pressure sensor unable to communicate with the electronic control board or the door lock.

AEG error codes E31 and E32

These malfunction codes indicate an issue with the pressure switch. It may be faulty or not calibrated correctly.

AEG error codes E33 and E34

If these codes display there’s an inconsistency between pressure switches causing a potential leak between the heating element and the ground.

AEG error code E35

An overflow will cause this code to display caused by a fill valve, a leak from the water circuit, or defective wiring or mainboard.

AEG error codes E36 and E37

These codes imply there may be an issue with the mainboard as the anti-boiling pressure switch is defective.

AEG error code E38

When the internal pressure chamber is blocked this code will display and may be caused by a broken motor belt.

Other troubleshooting codes

There’s a vast range of other AEG error codes depending on the make and model of your appliance. Using your manufacturer’s manual will help identify these.

AEG error code experts

Whatever error code your appliance is displaying AEG washing machine repair London specialists will be able to resolve the problem for you. Experienced technicians will provide a fully insured service that comes with a six-month quality guarantee.