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Amica Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

With up to 9kg wash load capacity Amica washing machines can take care of all of your laundry in one go. Features include electronic controls with LED displays, delay timers, allergy-safe function, and an acoustic end-of programme signal.

But even the best technology can have its glitches. So, take a look at some Amica washing machine problems and troubleshooting listed here…

Amica washing machine not working

This is typically due to an electrical fault when the appliance isn’t receiving any power. This could be due to the overload protector being tripped and will need resetting. Other issues may be related to the power socket or cord, fuse, the circuit breaker, or the lid switch.

The control panel could also be the culprit. For any electrical problems, you’ll need to get the help and advice of a qualified engineer.

Amica washing machine not spinning

The majority of washing machines won’t start a spin cycle until the water is fully drained. Drain pump blockages can prevent the steady flow of water in and out of the appliance, and this affects the spin cycle.

If this isn’t the problem the fault could be with the drum. Most commonly the carbon brushes that come into contact with moving parts of the motor will become worn and this can cause spin issues.

Other reasons for your washing machine not spinning could be related to the electronic controls, pumps, or other components. An experienced repair technician will quickly identify and resolve these problems for you.

Amica washing machine not draining

Water outflow problems can be linked to the pump filter or the outlet lead. The height of the outlet hose can also cause problems if it’s in a position that’s too low. The ideal height is 0.6m to 1m from the base of the washing machine.

Blockages are also a common cause for washing machines that won’t drain. They can be found in the filter or drain hoses. The water level control may be faulty, or the valve defective. The drain pump could also be the culprit and may need repairing or replacing.

Amica washing machine lights flashing

Your Amica washing machine is indicating that there’s an error in the operating system and lights may flash on the individual LED indicators. If the flashing light is on the “Start” status this points to the door not being closed properly. The door could be obstructed or the door switch assembly defective.

If the flashing light is on the “Ready” status this shows that there’s low pressure and no water in the drum. The water valve, water inlet hose and filter, or water pressure can all be reasons for this.

If flashing lights are in both the “Ready” and the “Start” status this is the result of water not draining properly and the water drain pump or filter may be at fault.

Amica washing machine door won’t open

When this happens, it indicates that there could be water remaining in the drum. If this isn’t the case the problem may lie with the door locking switch. Faulty interlocking circuits due to loose or burned wiring can prevent the door from opening, or the door mechanism itself could be broken.

A fault in the pressure switch won’t allow the cycle to reset when empty and will fail to release the door if not working properly.

Need Amica washing machine repairs in London?

South London washing machine repair specialists will help with any Amica washing machine problems you may be experiencing. You can get a quick quote, make short-notice bookings available six days a week, and rely on highly trained experts to carry out your fully insured service. And every repair automatically comes with a six-month quality guarantee.