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Ariston Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

If your Ariston washing machine isn’t operating as it should an error code will show on the display panel. This acts as a diagnostic tool to help identify what the problem is, and to prevent any further damage to the appliance by stopping any functions.

See Ariston washing machine error codes explained here…

Error codes for Ariston washing machines

Ariston error codes from F01 to F10 refer to Ariston 2000 models. Additional codes may vary depending on the model of your appliance.

F01 – a short circuit problem where checks will need to be made of electronic module connections, contacts, motor connection, and possible wire breakage.

F02 – the motor has become stuck or the signal from the tacho sensor isn’t being fed through. Motor connection terminals, motor windings, and the module will all have to be examined.

F03 – a faulty temperature sensor has been detected, or a water heater relay fault. The temperature sensor wiring, the sensor, or the module could be faulty.

F04 – a pressure switch fault had been identified which points to a water inlet valve or drain pump issue. The water level sensor switch itself could also be defective.

F05 – the drain pump isn’t working. This could be a problem with the actual pump, blocked filters and drain hoses, or connections between the electronic controller and the level sensor.

F06 – issues with the buttons on the display may mean that the control panel or the electronic controller will need replacing.

F07 – water heater not submerged. Components that may cause this problem include the heater itself, the level sensor, and the connection between the pins of the connector and the electronic controller.

F08 – Ariston washing machine error F8 means that the heater relay can’t be activated indicating that there’s a break in the contacts to the heater sensor, or the sensor is stuck in the full position. If the sensor is defective it will need to be replaced.

F09 – failure of the EEPROM memory indicates the necessary replacement of the electronic controller.

F10 – there are no signals coming from the level sensor which may need replacing alongside the electronic controller.

F11 – no hot fill which could be related to kinked or obstructed drain hoses. Or frozen pipes.

F12 – no hot or cold-water fill indicating an issue with the taps or water inlet valve.

F13 – the water supply requires checking alongside the inlet valve and hot and cold-water connections.

F14 – a water heating fault has been detected which could be caused by the heating element.

F15 – water isn’t being pumped out which could lead to flooding. A blockage in the drainpipe or the drain hose being connected at a too low level could be the cause.

F16 – extremely high water level detected and the appliance needs to be disconnected to ensure the level doesn’t rise further.

F17 – the door isn’t closed properly. This could be due to the door latch assembly, door switch or faulty connections.

F20 – a thermistor resistance issue has been found resulting in the scanning sequence being incorrect.

Ariston washing machine troubleshooting

Common Ariston washing machine problems include:

The spin cycle not working

This could result from a blocked pump or hose preventing the cycle activation. An off-balance load or the accidental pressing of the easy iron button may also be the culprits.

The washing machine is noisy

A smooth, level surface can avoid this issue. Otherwise, the problem could be caused by foreign objects or debris in the drum. Loose or worn out drum bearings can also make a loud rumbling noise, particularly on the spin cycle.

Need to call in the professionals?

Ariston washing machine repair London experts will provide a fully insured service delivered with a six-month quality guarantee!