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Ariston Washing Machine Issues Explained

The Ariston company was established in 1930 and operates under the values of sustainability and high efficiency, everlasting quality and caring for the home and the planet. If you have an Ariston washing machine that appears to be malfunctioning or displaying certain error codes, it’s a good idea to know what these codes mean and what you can do in order to troubleshoot them.

Ariston washing machine error codes and troubleshooting

Before you can attend to any sort of repairs on your Ariston washing machine, you need to accurately diagnose the problem. This is why we’ve prepared a guide containing some of the most important error codes and what they mean as well as ways in which you can troubleshoot the issues.

Ariston washing machine error codes
  • F01 - There is a short circuit motor problem.
  • F02 - The motor is jammed.
  • F03 - The wash thermostat has an open/short circuit.
  • F04 - The water level pressure switch is jammed on empty.
  • F05 - The pressure switch is jammed on full or the drain pump does not work.
  • F06 - There is a programme selector error. The buttons of the washing machine display are showing an error.
  • F07 - The heater relay is stuck/the water heater is not submerged in water.
  • F08 - If you’re getting an Ariston washing machine error F8, it means that the heater relay cannot be activated.
  • F09 - Incompatible EEPROM/failure of non-volatile EEPROM memory.
  • F10 - No cold fill.
  • F11 - No hot fill.
  • F12 - No mixed fill: there is no communication between the indicating module and the electronic controller.
  • F13 - Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections as the temperature sensor could be disconnected from the drying system.
  • F14 - There is a fault with the water heating and the drying cannot begin.
  • F15 - Water is not being pumped out and flooding could occur.
  • F16 - There is an extremely high water level.
  • F17 - The door is not closed properly.
  • F18 - There is a microprocessor error and the electronic controller needs to be replaced.
  • F20/1 - The thermistor resistance has drifted or the temperature scanning sequence is incorrect.
  • F30/31 - A motor drive problem has occurred.
  • F40 - The water is below the protection level during a heat step.
  • F41 - The water level detect sequence is incorrect.
  • F50/51 - The customer’s language of choice and the wash programme have not been saved. The system will operate by default.

Ariston washing machine troubleshooting

To troubleshoot a particular problem after diagnosis, keep the following handy tips in mind:

  • Check for power: this may seem intuitive but it can happen that during a spin cycle, the power cord gets disconnected. Alternatively, check that the breaker has not flipped.
  • Troubleshooting when a spin cycle is not working: firstly, check if the “easy iron” button is pressed, check your hose to see if it’s kinked and is not letting the water out as it should. Alternatively, check the balance of your load.
  • When the washing machine is too noisy when operating: check that the washing machine is on a flat, level and smooth surface. Remove the packing screws that are located at the back of the machine after purchasing it. Also make sure that the drum area is free of foreign objects.
  • When you see detergent residue on your clothes: this could be due to using too much detergent or a water hardness issue.

Choose the best pros in town

Although it may be relatively easy for you to diagnose the problem with your Ariston washing machine, repairs can be much harder to execute if you do not have the right type of knowledge. This is why you can rely on Exclusive Repairs to carry out your professional Ariston washing machine repairs. We use the latest tools and replacement parts for all washing machine repairs and in addition, you get work that is guaranteed for six months and which is fully insured.

Our team is expertly trained, holding full qualifications in helping to accurately diagnose and repair all makes and models of washing machines and they have years of experience behind them. We ask for no deposits and charge no call out fees. Our quotes are always free upon request. And on top of all this, we offer same- and next-day services, which can come in very handy especially during emergencies.