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Asko Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

Your Asko washing machine has been designed to be state-of-the art making Asko washing machine troubleshooting easier. Your appliance will display error codes for common issues so that you know what’s wrong even if you can’t fix it yourself.

See a range of Asko washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

The Most Common Asko Washing Machine Problems

Asko washing machine won’t start

If your Asko washing machine has no power then the incoming supply will need to be checked. Power cords, fuses, switches, and circuit breakers may have defects that are preventing your appliance from starting.

If the door won’t close securely this will also affect the start, as will the delayed start programme if accidentally selected. Any electrical issues should be resolved by a qualified engineer.

Asko washing machine door won’t open

Error code E2 indicates that there’s a door lock error that often happens when the locking mechanism becomes jammed. If your washing machine isn’t draining properly this will also cause the door to stay tightly sealed. There could also be an issue with the main control board

Asko washing machine not spinning

Error code E12 shows a drive motor issue that would need to be expertly checked as a defective motor will cause your appliance agitating problems. Error code E36 indicates an unevenly distributed laundry load which may stop the programme.

Other components that relate to spinning problems include the drive block and belt, the motor coupling, door lock motor and switch assembly, rotor assembly, and the motor control board. Any of these problems can be identified and fixed by your appliance repair technician.

Asko washing machine not draining

Error code E7 will confirm a water drainage issue. This problem can be caused by the drain hose or drain pump becoming obstructed with clothing or debris. The drain pump itself may be broken, or your appliance may not be engaging with the drain/spin cycle correctly. Alternatively, the pump filter may need cleaning, or the drain hose installation may be incorrect and need adjusting. Asko washing machine not filling Error code E3 points to a water filling issue. Components that can affect the fill are the water inlet valve, the water inlet filter, and the water supply hose. If any of these are obstructed or damaged your appliance won’t fill. Make sure that the tap is turned on and also check the water pressure to ensure that it’s not too low. If insufficient it will affect the ability of the water inlet valve to function properly.

Asko washing machine problems also include:

Asko washing machine making loud noises

When this happens it's typically due to a defective drum bearing or related to a defective drunk seal and bearing kit. Other issues can be found with the drive pulley which may be worn, cracked, or loose. Drive belts can also dry out over time, and the clutch can wear out.

Tapping sounds may be a result of an obstruction in the drain pump, and there’s also the possibility of items such as loose coins being trapped in the drum. Other components that should be inspected include the drive motor, the transmission, and the water inlet valve.

Asko washing machine shaking

Common causes for this problem are the shock absorbers which might be worn, broken, or separated if your appliance has been moved. Broken suspension rods, counterbalance springs, and suspension springs will all result in vibrations.

If the shock dampening device is defective this will unbalance the drum and cause it to shake during the spin cycle. Remember that the levelling legs can be adjusted if the cause of the issue lies here.

Get Asko washing machine repairs in London

Your Asko washing machine repair in London will be quick and easy to book online. You can get a free quote and won’t have to pay a deposit or call-out charge. Your appliance repair technician will be qualified and experienced and every repair will come with a full six-month quality guarantee.