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Baumatic Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Baumatic dishwashers are designed with a range of models that can accommodate up 16 place settings. Built-in options fit behind decorative doors and offer up to 12 programmes including half load features. Easy-click upper baskets make washing long-stemmed glasses simple.

Triple wash zones, delay starts, and quiet operation – combined with washing and drying efficiency with an A rating – all create a dishwasher to suit you. However, even the best technology can suffer from glitches. See a range of Baumatic dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

A Quick Error Code Guide

Baumatic dishwasher error codes are displayed with a capital E followed by a single number. See the most common codes here:

  • E1 – unable to fill
  • E2 – unable to drain
  • E3 – an element fault
  • E4 – overfilling
  • E5 – programme not finishing and automatic switch-off not working
  • E6 – open circuit thermistor issues
  • E7 – short circuit thermistor problems

Other error codes may be slightly different with Err displayed before the numbers. This will depend on your appliance model. And definitions will be fully explained in your manufacturer’s manual.

Baumatic Dishwasher Faults Explained

Baumatic dishwasher faults are quite common. And unfortunately, due to the design of the appliance can be quite complex to locate the source of the problem. Look at a more detailed guide as to possible Baumatic dishwasher troubleshooting – and then call in the professionals.

  • E1 – when the dishwasher intake has timed out this indicates a possible problem with the water supply, the fill valve, or wiring. It could also be an electronic controller issue or a mesh filter snag
  • E2 – if the dishwasher times out when draining it could be due to a blockage in the drain pump or the drain hose outlet. All plumbing needs checking for obstructions – and wiring and the electronic controller inspected also
  • E3 – when the water hasn’t been heated within the selected time there may be a fault with the heating element, the thermostats, or a defective water heating element itself
  • E4 – if an overfill is detected the float switch will be activated – and this is commonly caused by using the incorrect detergent tablets. If water has leaked into the base of the dishwasher the drain pipe may be positioned at the wrong height. Or there may be a blockage in the drainage system – and you’ll need the help of a specialist
  • E5 – issues with low voltage or power switch failure will result in the dishwasher being unable to switch off automatically and an electrician will be required to safely fix these difficulties
  • E6 – problems with the open circuit thermistor will warrant professional help
  • E7 – short circuit thermistor complications will need skilled advice

Additional Issues

  • No power to the dishwasher – this could be due to issues with the electrics including the power supply and faulty sockets of fuses
  • Dishwasher won’t start – this could be due to incorrectly selecting the programme or a problem with the start button. A problem may have occurred with the door closure or with the water intake
  • Dishwasher smells – this indicates you need to do a maintenance wash
  • Dishes are still wet – incorrect loading will prevent water from freely running away – and the dosage of the rinse aid can also be a reason. Limescale will build up in areas with hard water and you’ll need to find a setting that suits your requirements

Appliance Repairs

Get Baumatic dishwasher repairs London experts to deliver a fully insured and guaranteed service. You’ll be able to make a stress-free appointment with short notice bookings available. Trained and experienced technicians will quickly diagnose the problem – and solve it for you. And your Baumatic dishwasher will soon be working as new.