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Baumatic Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Baumatic ovens are now owned by Hoover. And an exciting and stylish collection of kitchen appliances has been launched. The cooking collection offers an extensive range of ovens packed with cutting edge technology. Pyrolytic self-cleaning functions, rotary and touch controls, keep warm functions, and cooling fans designed to keep temperatures at safe levels. All included in chic or rustic designs.

So, what happens when your Baumatic oven isn’t working? See a selection of Baumatic oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Known Issues with a Baumatic Oven

Baumatic electric oven problems can include:

Hot control knobs

The Baumatic electric oven features closed door grilling, so there may be a problem with the grill guard. Escaping heat overflowing onto the control panel area may occur if the grill guard is defective.

Difficulties closing the door after cooking and during the cooling down process can also cause the knobs to become hot. If the cooling fan isn’t working properly this may need to be repaired or replaced – a trusted repair technician will quickly do that for you.

Oven not heating up

If the fan is running and the light is on but there’s no heat this is an indication that the fan element or oven elements have failed. An electric oven has two elements – one on the top for baking and the bottom for broiling. The elements won’t glow red if they’re worn or broken and may need expertly replacing.

The thermostat is the part of the oven that regulates the oven temperature – monitoring the interior temperature and shutting off the heat source when the required heat is reached. Thermostats in newer ovens are attached to a probe and wired to a small circuit board that controls the heat source. Faults in any of these components will cause heating issues – and need to be assessed and repaired or replaced by your qualified technician.

Oven not heating to the right temperature

If food is undercooked and the set temperature isn’t being reached this could point to an issue with the temperature sensor which may be faulty or touching the oven wall. The sensor may simply need recalibrating.

Baumatic oven thermostat problems can also cause the oven to overheat and burn food. The heating elements also need to be checked. A qualified engineer will inspect, diagnose, and fix any of these problems for you.

Baumatic oven troubleshooting can also include:

The grill doesn’t work

This would point to a faulty grill element, the oven changeover switch, or the thermostat. The grill element will need testing with a multimeter – your technician will do this as he examines the part for any visual damage. The heating element can easily be replaced if the results of the reading show a malfunction.

The grill thermostat is normally located behind the temperature control knob. If the element isn’t glowing red when grilling with the door open this indicates a thermostat issue. The function of the thermostat is to cycle the predetermined temperature sent to the grill and oven elements. A faulty component will be unable to regulate the selected setting and will need to be safely replaced by a specialist.

Get Baumatic Oven Repairs

Did you know that a Baumatic oven repair in London is a fully insured service from electric oven appliance repairers? You’ll be able to make a short notice booking and get a quote upfront on the job you need doing. Only highly trained and experienced technicians will carry out your work – and all repairs come with a six-month quality guarantee. Your Baumatic oven not working will soon be completely resolved.