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Beko Dishwasher Issues You Might Come Across And What To Do About Them

Each Beko dishwasher boasts a quick program, capable of washing a full load in just 30 minutes while being eco-friendly with low water consumption. With these convenient features, they not only excel in performance but also help you save time and money.

However, even with their strong track record for reliability, occasional issues can arise. Discover some common Beko dishwasher troubleshooting tips to address these problems. If you encounter persistent issues, consider seeking professional Beko dishwasher repair in London to keep your appliance in top condition.

Beko dishwasher troubleshooting

Running a test cycle The test cycle will run through each of the functions of the dishwasher to try and determine the cause of the malfunction. The test sequence followed will be:

  • Drain
  • Water fill
  • Heating and detergent dispenser
  • Water pump
  • Drain
  • Water fill
  • Water inlet and draining
  • Final drainage

If you're experiencing issues with your Beko dishwasher in London and want to initiate a diagnostic test, follow these user-friendly steps. Begin by ensuring that the dishwasher is switched off. Next, simultaneously press and hold down the start button and the program button for three seconds. This action will cause all the lights on the control panel to flash.

During this test, if a fault has been detected, it will be displayed with a corresponding error code. If you encounter any error codes or need assistance with resolving the issue, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts for Beko dishwasher repair in London. We're here to help you diagnose and rectify any problems, ensuring your dishwasher runs smoothly.

Beko dishwasher pump keeps running

Checks will need to be carried out on the drain hose for any blockages and then on the drain pump itself for a restricted drain valve. The pressure sensor will also need to be examined to ensure that it's not giving incorrect signals to the dishwasher that there's a leak.

Beko dishwasher leaking

If there's water leaking from the base of your dishwasher the drain hose may be kinked or blocked, or the pump filter may be obstructed.

Beko dishwasher not heating water

A faulty heating element or thermostat can cause this issue which will result in dishes that aren’t clean. The heating element can burn out or suffer from a wiring fault and if the thermostat is faulty the water temperature won't be regulated correctly.

Beko dishwasher pump blocked

Just like the dishwasher filter the drain pump can easily be blocked by food remnants and a build-up of grease. This will stop the water from being drained following the wash cycle. Broken glass can also slip into the drain pump and find its way to the impeller. A damaged drain pump will need replacing.

Beko dishwasher lights flashing

Program indicator lights will flash when there are faults held within the memory of the control system. This could be related to the dishwasher not filling sufficiently, an inlet valve or sensor error, a water temperature sensor error, or a heating element fault.

Beko dishwasher not cleaning

There are many reasons why this may happen including a dirty interior from food and mineral deposits, a dirty filter, a clogged arm spray, or a broken soap dispenser. If your water temperature is too low the water won't be hot enough to clean properly and low water pressure will also affect the ability of your dishwasher to clean the dishes.

Beko dishwasher not drying

If your dishes aren’t drying you can improve the drying performance by leaving the door open for a few minutes once the cleaning cycle has finished allowing excess steam to escape. Issues with the rinse aid dispenser or a vent that won’t open properly can also be culprits.

Beko dishwasher not heating

There could be an issue with the plumbing which can cause your appliance to go into fault mode without heating up. Otherwise, the heating element, the thermostat, or the temperature sensor may be defective. A blocked compression chamber can result in no signal given to the heating element, and a faulty pressure switch can also result in no heat.

Beko dishwasher fault codes

Beko dishwasher error E01

Beko dishwasher error code E01 is an overflow error which can be caused by a defective flow meter. This device checks the amount of water flowing into your appliance and if it’s defective it will let too much water in. Other issues that can trigger this error code include a faulty drain pump which may be obstructed or have a blade that won’t rotate, issues with the drain hose, a leak in the solenoid valve, damaged spray arms, or problems with water pressure.

Depending on your model number error codes may vary but other common codes are:

  • H2: dishwasher turbidity sensor error that detects the presence of detergent.
  • H3: dishwasher diverter valve position error relating to the control of the water flow to the spray arms.
  • H4: NTC error that means the temperature sensor can’t be read.
  • H5: Uninterruptable water inlet error indicating that the electronic controller is malfunctioning.
  • H6: a water inlet fault shows that no water is detected as the dishwasher won’t fill.
  • H7: this is a heating fault and the dishwasher can’t reach the correct temperature.

Need help with troubleshooting your Beko dishwasher?

When you need to address issues with your Beko dishwasher, booking appliance repairs in London is a convenient solution. Get in touch with our skilled team of Beko dishwasher repair experts, and they will dispatch a group of specially trained technicians to promptly diagnose and repair any faults.

Rest easy, as you'll always receive a fully insured service, and every repair automatically includes a six-month quality guarantee. Your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your dishwasher are our top priorities. Don't hesitate to reach out; we're here to make your dishwasher repair experience as easy and worry-free as possible.