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Beko Washing Machine Error Code F11

Like any other appliance, your Beko washing machine can experience operating difficulties. When this happens you’ll notice an error code on the digital display. It’s helpful to know what these codes mean even if you can’t fix the problem yourself. Take a look at a range of Beko washing machine error codes and their implications here…

Beko washing machine error code F11

If this error code displays on your Beko washing machine it's telling you that there’s a communication problem between the machine's control board and the motor control board. This may be resulting from loose wire connections or a complete control board failure and generally appears on older models.

Beko washing machine error codes E1, E2, and E3

Error code E1 indicates that there’s an NTC error detected. The NTC is the sensor that connects to the heater element which makes sure that your washing machine is at the right temperature during a wash cycle. The sensor may be faulty and the correct temperature not reached.

Error E2 is also heating-related with not enough heat produced and this can be caused by defective wiring or issues with the main module. E3 is a different heating problem with constant heat coming into your washing machine which is a potential risk for your laundry caused by the control relay.

Beko washing machine error code E04/E4

Problems with water filling your washing machine will result in this error code. Reasons can be a faulty door lock assembly which prevents the door from closing securely, an issue with the water valve, faulty wiring, or a defective printed circuit board.

Beko washing machine error code E05/E5

Drainage issues will cause this code to display and this can generate problems with wash and spinning cycles. Blockages in the drain hose or the pump can be the source as well as the drain pump itself. The control board will need an inspection if these prove not to be the root of the problem.

Beko washing machine error code E06/E6

This is a fault in the motor which means that wash cycles aren’t completed or your appliance will suddenly jump to the spin cycle without completing the wash programme. There may be a problem with the motor mechanism or defective wiring may be the cause.

Beko washing machine error code E07/E7

When there’s an issue with the level sensor this code will display and you may find that you can’t even start the wash programme, or as soon as you do your washing machine empties before the wash cycle has finished. The level sensor itself may be faulty as can the attached wiring.

Beko washing machine error code E08/E8

If your washing machine can’t fill or fills and drains without actually performing any cycles this is the error code that shows. There may be a problem with the anti-flooding mechanism, the water inlet valve, wiring, or ultimately with the printed circuit board.

Beko washing machine error code E09/9

An issue with the door lock may be the lock itself or the door switch assembly, faulty wiring or difficulties with the printed circuit board operating electronically.

Beko washing machine error code E10

This error code also relates to the door lock which may be jammed or broken or have the same issues explained with the error code above.

Beko washing machine error code E11

A motor error detection will produce this error code and there may be a problem with the motor or the printed circuit board.

Beko error codes E17 and E18

If you use too much detergent E17 informs you that you need to cut down. And finally, E18 indicates an unbalanced load which means that the wash load needs to be redistributed evenly before your wash cycle will start.

If you need help with any of the above problems simply contact your local experienced appliance repair technicians.