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Beko Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Beko is a popular Turkish brand manufacturing washing machines that are designed to save time, energy, and money. Clever technology provides for faster and gentler washes, and quick programmes can wash a full load in under 30 minutes.

Problems, although occurring infrequently, can sometimes make operating your washing machine impossible. Learning to interpret Beko washing machine error codes is the first stage in identifying faults. Displays will show a letter followed by a number – see some Beko washing machine error codes explained in more detail here…

Beko washing machine error codes

Beko washing machine error code E02/E2

Beko Washer Error Code E02/E2

Beko washing machine error code E02/E2 indicates a problem with the heating system in your machine. As this may be a complicated issue connected to electrical components then it’s advisable to arrange for an appliance repair engineer to find the source of the problem and resolve it for you.

Beko washing machine error code E05/E5

Beko Washer Error Code E05/E5

If your Beko washing machine is displaying error code E05/E5 it implies there is a drainage issue. This could be due to an obstruction in the pump filter or a more complex issue with the main control board. When this happens, the appliance will take too long completing a wash cycle and may not spin properly. An experienced repair engineer will check the pump triac on the PCB and the control board and make any necessary repairs, or replace parts.

Beko washing machine error code E07/E7

Beko Washer Error Code E07/E7

An issue with the level sensor of your Beko washing machine will cause error code E07/E7 to display resulting from the appliance emptying every time you try to use the wash cycle. To rectify this fault the wiring to the sensor needs to be checked, and then the level sensor component itself. If defective it will need professionally repairing or replacing.

Beko washing machine error code E08/E8

Beko Washer Error Code E08/E8

A failure to fill will result in the programme taking too much time, or not ending at all, resulting in the display of Beko washing machine error code E08/E8. Checks will need to be carried out on the water valve, anti-flood system, wiring, and the main control board. In certain cases, the washing machine will fill and then drain without completing any cycles – any of these issues can all be rectified by an appliance repair technician.

Beko washing machine error code E11

Beko Washer Error Code E11

Error code E11 is informing you that your Beko washing machine has detected a problem with the motor. This is an issue that needs an experienced engineer to investigate the motor itself, alongside wiring and the motor triac on the main control.

Beko washing machine error code E17

Beko Washer Error Code E17

When Beko washing machine error code E17 appears on your digital display it signifies that an excessive amount of foam has been detected in the appliance. This can be caused by overloading the machine or using a poor-quality detergent, or too much detergent. Running consecutive rinse cycles may get rid of existing foam, but the problem needs to be addressed as this can quickly cause a build-up of bacteria.

Beko washing machine error code 1520

Beko Washer Error Code 1520

Beko washing machine error code 1520 isn’t actually an error as such but may be displayed following a visit from your engineer if the diagnostics have needed to be accessed. The washing machine needs to be reset which you can do by pressing and holding the start button which should cancel the code and return the appliance to a normal wash sequence.

A Beko washing machine repair London expert can easily be booked online. Whatever the problem is you’ll be able to get an upfront quote on resolving any fault quickly and effectively. And you’ll be able to get it at short notice! Only experienced technicians will carry out your appliance repair work, and it all comes with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months.