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Belling Oven And Cooker Problems And Troubleshooting

Belling manufactures a huge range of freestanding and range cookers, alongside tabletop and built-in options. Electric ovens have handy features such as defrost functionality and programme timers, LED displays and variable grill settings.

But what should you do if you think your Belling oven is broken? See a range of Belling Oven and cooker problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Problems

Belling oven won’t turn on

There are several reasons that can prevent your oven from operating – the main one is often due to an incoming power issue. A qualified electrician will be able to safely check that the electrical outlet is providing sufficient voltage by testing the incoming power at the wall socket.

The thermal fuse will also need to be tested as if this has blown the oven won’t turn on. Other problems could be with the oven control board, the bake element, and the relay board if the oven is equipped with one.

If the appliance has a digital timer it may be stuck on automatic and will need to be reset in order to start the oven – your technician will deal with this problem too.

Belling oven timer not working

A faulty oven timer can be easily diagnosed by a professional oven repairer. After disconnecting the power, the timer clock will be tested with an ohmmeter for continuity. If the leads of each of the fuse terminals have none the timer will need to be replaced.

Belling oven not heating up

If you find that after setting the temperature your oven hasn’t heated up within about five minutes –and the oven cavity isn’t hot when you open the door – this implies a problem with the oven element. Another possibility is the safety thermostat or thermal fuse have failed and the oven is no longer able to heat up.

These components can be easily repaired or replaced by an experienced appliance technician.

Belling oven is getting too hot

Belling oven thermostat problems will cause this issue as this is the component that ensures the temperature reaches the requires setting and not above. If the thermostat is faulty it won’t read the oven temperature accurately causing it to overheat.

Other potential causes could be with the cooling fan – another part of the oven that stops overheating. Or, the oven element may be the culprit. The element is directly responsible for producing the required heat and may be producing more than is necessary if defective.

You’ll need a qualified engineer to carry out any repairs for these listed parts.

Belling oven problems also include:

Belling oven hob not working

When the hob isn’t working properly this could be related to a malfunctioning hotplate element or the burner ignition electrode which functions like a spark plug. If the electrode is worn or broken the spark won’t happen. Both of these issues can be quickly resolved by an expert who will check that the incoming voltage to the oven is adequate for the electrode control to work properly.

Other Belling cooker faults include:

Belling cooker knobs breaking

If your oven doesn’t have a cooling fan this can lead to the knobs becoming too hot to touch, even after switching off the appliance. If the oven door isn’t a perfect fit it’ll allow heat to escape from the front of the oven, causing the knobs to reach an unusually high temperature. The problem here may be with broken or misaligned door hinges or an issue with the door seals which may need to be replaced.

These problems may result in the knobs becoming brittle and eventually breaking off. This Belling cooker repair can be carried out by a technician – replacing the knobs with appropriate spares. If this fault persists it may be advisable to replace the appliance with a model that has an interior cooling fan.

Belling cooker programmer problems

Operating the oven using the electronic programmer should be straightforward – and using the manufacturer's guide will ensure you’re selecting all the right options. However, if programmes don’t function as they should you’ll need to get in touch with your local repair technician who’ll be able to diagnose any programme issues for you and quickly resolve them.

Belling oven manual problems

When the oven is set to manual mode the cooking duration has to be controlled by you. To ensure the oven isn’t left on accidentally if no function has been selected after five hours the timer will flash every second to warn you that the timer will enter standby mode.

Pressing any button should start the sequence of the function setting – if this doesn’t work, you’ll need to get the assistance of a trained and qualified engineer.

Save Money with Professional Repairs

Belling oven repair London (electric oven) specialists know all about fixing your appliance. With experience, expertise, and advanced tools and equipment you’re in safe hands. Get a short-notice booking available six days a week for no extra cost. And enjoy a fully-insured service delivered with a quality guarantee that lasts for an entire six months.