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Your mum might remember, your gran almost certainly will, but for most people under the age of fifty, a twin tub is likely to be something only ever seen in a museum. And yet ….if saving water is top of your priority list then the the answer to the question ‘what is a twin tub…


Your kitchen equipment represents a considerable investment and the key to getting the longest possible life out of it is caring for it properly. Here’s a quick refresher on some important kitchen appliances maintenance tips. All Appliances 1. Read and follow the guidelines in the instruction manual – Any machine performs best when used as…


The dishwasher detergent market continues to move towards single-dose options that conveniently go into the detergent dispenser. Detergents come in several forms including dishwasher powder, gel, or tablets – what’s best for giving real results? Dishwasher Powder Modern dishwashing powder offers a good cleaning performance and stain removal, as well as an easy rinse. As…


You’ve ordered your shiny new appliance and you’re looking forward to seeing it installed in your kitchen or laundry room. There’s only one problem, you need to get rid of the old washing machine before you have space to install the new one. When you’re considering how to dispose of it there are a number of…

Clean class in a dishwasher

What is a drawer dishwasher? The design is similar to a filing cabinet with appliances having two fully independent drawers allowing different wash settings to be used for different loads. Dishes can be washed in one drawer as the other is filled. They’re suitable for small apartments and homes as they provide a compact, space-efficient…

Kitchen interior

One way to keep the costs of white goods down is to buy some or all of your equipment second hand. There are a few things to be aware of, but if you take them into consideration there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab a bargain. Here’s a helpful used appliances buying guide to help…

Washing machine laundrette

Research has shown that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new washing machine that will deliver both on washing and rinsing. If you choose carefully you’ll be able to get all the features you need and still keep to your budget. One of the most important factors to consider is washing machine…