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gas hob

Hob cooking is great for saving space in a kitchen with limited workspace. It’s also a fast and responsive way to heat your food. Alongside energy efficiency and easy to clean surfaces, this is a really flexible cooking option. However, there may come a time when you get a problem – knowing your hob type…

Open steam oven

You could run the self-clean feature if your oven has one. The down side of this is that self-clean settings are best known for using a lot of energy and for putting the oven itself under such strain that it might cause it to break down, or at the very least, shorten its overall lifespan….

dishwasher tips

Dishwashers can be not just labour saving appliances but money and energy savers too. If you use your machine to maximum efficiency you can use less water and energy than by hand-washing your dirty plates. But the key does lie in that phrase….using the machine to maximum efficiency. Here’re a few tips to help you…

laundry mistakes

Clothes and linen that need to be washed are classed as dirty laundry. Washing them in your machine should be simple and straightforward. But if you’re concerned that garments won’t look like they did before you washed them, take a look at some of the laundry mistakes you’re probably making… 1. Not reading the labels…

washing-machine problems

There are so many benefits to having a washing machine. Today these include using less water and energy efficiency. We don’t really stop and think about it very often as we tend to take the appliance for granted. However sometimes things can go wrong! Take a look at some common washing machine problems: Unable to…

Microwave Ovens

Cooking in a microwave oven is so much faster than using a conventional gas or electric oven. On top of this there’s the convenience of an easy clean! But are they safe? This article will provide you with some facts: Microwave oven workings Radiofrequency or RF radiation is at the low end of the electromagnetic…

oven repair

When you need a new oven there are many options you can choose from. At the top of your wish list will be the cost, and energy efficiency to keep your bills low, coupled with a variety of cooking modes for versatility. And your preference for style and colour options will also need to be…