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Oven Thermostat Problems

It’s actually surprisingly easy to tell if your oven thermostat is broken. Part 1 – Your oven thermostat – how it works Your thermostat is in charge of regulating the heat in your oven. It does this by sensing what the current temperature is. And then turning the heat on or off depending on whether…

Oven Repairs London

A fan assisted or fan oven is an oven that has a fan to circulate hot air around the food – distributing the heat evenly and allowing the food to cook in less time, and at a lower temperature than a conventional oven. A faulty oven performance is often due to one or two parts…

Dishwasher Repair London

A fully working dishwasher takes away the need to hand wash dishes, glasses, and cutlery – so it’s quite annoying when it suddenly won’t function properly. There are several faults that can be identified without having to call out an engineer – take a look at the most common dishwasher problems and how to diagnose…

Washing machine wont drain

Drainage problems in washing machines are not uncommon and often the fix is simple. The most likely reasons for water not draining are blockages or pump problems. In theory, getting your washing machine up and running again will involve three steps: Emptying the water that’s currently in the machine. Identifying the cause of the problem…

Washing Machine

You rely on your washing machine to work properly every day – so you need to keep it in good order to avoid it breaking down and causing costly repairs. Well-maintained washing machines use less energy, need fewer repairs, and last longer. The average lifespan of a new washing machine is about 11 years –…


A washing machine is just one of the appliances we really can’t live without – but with the vast range of machines available it’s quite a task to choose the best by looks and specification alone. They can be an expensive addition to any household – but selecting the right one for your needs will…

Washing machine controls

If your washing machine isn’t on a perfectly flat surface with all four feet touching the floor it can be very noisy – and constant excessive vibrations can actually damage the appliance mechanisms. In many cases, it’s quite simple to fix the problem by initially determining if your washer is sitting level – with a…