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Clean class in a dishwasher

Dishwashers have been around for a while now, yet still many households don’t have them, and many that do, don’t use them to their maximum potential. A big problem is that multiple false ideas abound. Mistaken, or outdated beliefs get in the way of getting the best from a dishwasher. It’s time to bust the…

Meal prep

Using the sun’s energy to cook may sound like something out of a science-fiction film but it’s not. Solar ovens exist in the here and now, and not just as a scientific curiosity. Large scale solar cookers, such as the bowl at Auroville in India, are used to prepare food for a thousand people at…

Colorful Easter eggs

From the original Pagan tradition, through Christian religious festival to the modern Easter Egg Hunt with chocolate eggs, the links between the idea of the egg and the idea of rebirth have been around for a very long time. Why do we have Easter Egg hunts? The first mention of an Easter Egg Hunt was…

Washing machines in a laundry saloon

A washing machine is a household appliance that’s used to wash laundry – clothing, linens, and sheets. Sound simple enough? But to make sure your clothes are properly cleaned you need to make the most of your machine and select the correct cycle that’ll save energy and water, and prevent any damage to your garments….

Kitchen interior

Reducing energy consumption through using less of an energy service is just one of the ways in which we can all help to lower environmental impact. The goal is to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products – so being economical with washing and drying for instance is a perfect example. Take a…

Clean class in a dishwasher

Few of us would dream of doing the laundry by hand, over 97% of of British households have a washing machine. When it comes to the dishes it’s a different matter as of 2014 fewer than half of UK homes contained a dishwasher. Perhaps the idea of popping the dishes into a machine seems self-indulgent…

Modern kitchen appliances

Home appliances that are normally electrical are used on a daily basis to accomplish many household chores. Major appliances, also known as white goods have always been typically painted white, and have existed for years, but times are changing and today people are fascinated with appliances and luxurious kitchens at deluxe prices – see five…

Drying clothes line

In order to keep your clothes looking new for as long as possible, you need to know the best way to wash them! This means looking at the care label on your garment to follow any special instructions which tells you how to take care of washing, drying, ironing, and bleaching your clothes. So what…

Green energy wind turbines

The purists will tell you that the best way to to save energy on tumble dryer use is not to use the dryer at all! Even given the sometimes unfortunate British climate, they argue, there are dry and sunny days when you can dry your laundry outdoors. And if you don’t happen to have outdoor…

Wine spilling

It’s one thing to consign a much loved outfit to the charity shop or the bin because you’ve changed your look or worn it to death. It’s quite another to see one of the mainstays of your current wardrobe rendered useless due to an unfortunate accident. There are quite a few laundry tips and tricks which will…