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There’s a whole range of error codes which appear on LG washing machines when they’re experiencing some kind of fault. You may not be able to fix the problem but at least you’ll have some idea where the glitch may be. Look at a guide to LG washing machine fault codes for common problems here……

Open washing machine

The filter in a tumble dryer traps any lint or fluff that comes off your laundry. The fine mesh stops this from getting into the outer cabinet that houses the drum and the heating element. Not cleaning your tumble dryer can create a potentially serious fire risk, so it’s an imperative part of your tumble…

Washing machine not spinning

A tumble dryer is an invaluable appliance for drying laundry when you can’t depend on the sun. After placing your wash load inside the drum and setting the programme, the heater will increase the temperature and blow in hot air. The excess moisture will be drawn out of the clothes and leave the dryer via…

washing machine drum

Time to buy a new tumble dryer? With so many different types on the market, the choice can seem quite overwhelming. Understanding the operating technologies can certainly help you determine the best option for you. What is the difference between a heat pump and a condenser tumble dryer? Find out more here… What is a…

washing machine drum

Tumble drying your laundry simply means that you dry garments inside rather than air drying. It’s convenient and fast, and clothes leave the dryer warm and less wrinkled. Any clothing with the tumble dry symbol can go in the dryer, but some items need a required heat setting. Choosing a new tumble dryer to suit…

Dishwasher Repair London

Why does my dishwasher smell? This frequently asked question can be answered by saying that there are typically two causes – standing water and food residue. The most common cause is related to leftover food where a build-up of food residue can arise inside the dishwasher if it hasn’t been cleaned after a number of…

Lamona dishwasher

Dishwasher filters stop soggy food remnants from settling on your newly cleaned dishes and prevent blocking of the dishwasher drain. As water and dishwasher detergent circulate rinsing dirty glasses, dishes, and cutlery, bits of food are washed away and land in the filter at the base of the appliance. The filter then stops the food…


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