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Gas hob cooker

The hob is a surface on top of your cooker or set into a work surface with hotplates or burners for heating pots and pans. They come in different types and where you want to put your hob may be a factor in which one you buy! The most popular style is one large burner,…

Washing machine laundrette

Buying a new washing machine can be quite overwhelming with all the different styles and types of washing machine on the market. One of the most important decisions is whether to invest in a front or top-loading appliance, as each one comes with advantages and disadvantages. By understanding the difference between top and front-loading washing…

Dishwasher dashboard

Should I buy a dishwasher? It’s been proven that dishwashers that qualify for the Energy Star designation save on average 12% more energy, and 30% more water than standard models. Washing by hand can actually be wasteful – you can get through at least ten times more water than a dishwasher! Now you know that…

Tumble dryer drum

After washing the laundry we automatically pop it into the tumble dryer to dry. Have you ever wondered about how you turn wet clothes into dry ones? We know that the water has to evaporate by heating and then be dispersed, turning water into steam and leaving dry clothes behind. That’s the science and here…

Domestic Appliances closeup

Most of us hate oven cleaning, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers have produced self-cleaning cookers. Sadly, however brilliant the idea is in principal, there are downsides – even dangers – in practice. There are a few things to know before you self-clean your oven. Here’s an introduction to the most important points. What is…

Folded laundry

A large number of washing machine repairs are caused by improper use of detergents – the residual soap means excessive suds, nasty smells, and dark spots on clothing. So knowing how much detergent to use is a lesson well learnt! Read the manufacturer’s detergent use recommendations which are printed in the care manual to get…

Kitchen Appliances

The act of regularly cleaning and properly maintaining your kitchen appliances can expand their lifespan by several years. They will eventually wear out or fail, but you can help by understanding how to care for your kitchen appliances, and how you can ruin them! Dishwashers Using the wrong soap in the dishwasher can cause massive…