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Blomberg Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Blomberg dishwashers come in a range of integrated and freestanding options with high performance and cutting edge technologies to tackle even the dirtiest dishes. When your appliance is experiencing operating issues it’s useful to be able to understand why.

Look at this guide to Blomberg dishwasher problems and troubleshooting…

Blomberg dishwasher troubleshooting

Blomberg dishwasher problems include:

Blomberg dishwasher won’t start

This is typically a problem related to the power supply. The dishwasher needs to be switched on with a functional power socket, plug, and fuses. You’ll find that the circuit breaker will consistently trip if there’s an electrical problem.

The thermal fuse may blow or the dishwasher door might not be securely closed indicating a defective door switch or door latch. If the timer is malfunctioning or the control panel not working properly this will also result in your dishwasher not starting.

Blomberg dishwasher not cleaning

Badly loading your appliance can cause the spray arms to catch and too little or too much detergent can also affect the cleaning process. Bear in mind that rinse aid and salt need to be replenished on a regular basis.

The spray arms are designed to turn the water forced through them so if they become blocked this will prevent the spray arms from turning. If filters become obstructed or are fitted incorrectly this will also affect your dishwasher’s ability to clean.

Blomberg dishwasher not drying

This can be caused by unloading your dishwasher as soon as the programme has finished, or by an unsuitable programme selected resulting in a short drying cycle. The rinse aid dispenser may be blocked causing a build-up preventing the rinse aid from dispensing. Otherwise, this could be an issue with the heating element.

Blomberg dishwasher not draining

This can be due to a blocked drain pool or clogged filter. Alternatively, the issue could be with the drain hose which may have become kinked or damaged. If the drain pump is faulty this will stop the water from draining and may need to be replaced.

Blomberg dishwasher red light not working

The red light is the rinse aid indicator which shows if there's an adequate amount of rinse aid in the reservoir. If this light fails to function you’ll need an experienced technician to sort this for you.

Blomberg dishwasher leaking

Leaking from the bottom door means that there’s a gap between the rubber door seal and the door caused by food deposits breaking the seal. Other culprits can be the dishwasher valves that can get stuck or hoses that break leading to leaks around the back or sides of your appliance. Your dishwasher needs to be level to avoid any ongoing leakage problems.

Blomberg dishwasher making a noise

Bumping and banging noises are often caused by loose or worn spray arm mounts, whilst a high pitched squealing is more likely to be worn shaft seals on the wash pump or drain pump. A whistling noise could be resulting from the water inlet valve, and a grinding noise could indicate that the pump is wearing out.

Blomberg dishwasher error codes

Blomberg dishwasher E01

This signifies that there’s no signal being received from the door interlock and after 15 seconds this code will display and the wash programme will be ended. If your appliance takes in too much water or there's a leak the algorithm will be active and try to discharge the water, but if the icon remains there could be a permanent fault.

Blomberg dishwasher E02

When the filling time takes more than two minutes the “Ready” LED light will flash and after the wash is completed E02 error code will display and further fillings will be blocked. This generally is a low mains water pressure issue or blockages in the inlet hose or valves.

LED lights one to four may flash in different orders indicating electronic faults of varying kinds. You can use your manufacturer’s manual to identify these faults before opting for a Blomberg dishwasher repair.

Blomberg dishwasher repairs in London are easy to arrange online and all work comes with a full quality guarantee that lasts for six months.