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Blomberg Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

Modern Blomberg washer dryers make doing the laundry simple. With a large 8kg wash and 5kg dry capacity, you can empty the washing basket in one go. Motors are quiet and energy-efficient. And wash through dry programmes will wash and dry clothes in one continuous cycle.

Stylish digital displays make setting the cycles easy – even showing the remaining time for each programme. But what does it mean when the digital display shows a different code? Look at some Blomberg dyer problems and troubleshooting below…

Washer Dryer Fault Codes

Blomberg tumble dryer error codes will guide you to the possible cause of the problem – but you may have to call a trained technician to fix it for you. See a range of Blomberg dryer error codes here…

  • Er 01– this indicates that the tumble dryer door has been opened while the machine is running. If this persists you may have a problem with the door latch
  • Er 02 –an error has occurred with the overflow switch which requires the wiring to be checked on the switch itself, the operation of the switch, and any water leakage issues
  • Er 04 – the door temperature sensor has exceeded a safe temperature stopping the compressor. This may be due to a faulty thermistor, defective wiring, or problems with the control panel
  • Er 08 – the drying cycle has exceeded the maximum permitted time and points to a possible issue with the heat pump
  • Er 09 – the mains supply voltage is too low and requires a qualified engineer to investigate
  • Er 10 – the mains supply voltage is too high and needs a qualified engineer to correct it
  • Er 15 – the drum is stationary at the start of the drying programme caused by the drum or motor operation, or the drive belt
  • Er 16 – tumble dryer stopping during the cycle indicates the front door thermistor or the wiring is defective – the thermistor may need replacing

Washer Dryer Troubleshooting

A Blomberg washer dryer, not drying could be due to a faulty element or thermostat and these will need to be checked with a multimeter to obtain relevant readings. This will determine if the parts need to be repaired or replaced.

A faulty fan or motor could also be the culprit here – fluff and lint can get into the fan and prevent it from spinning. And a defective motor will obviously affect the workings of the dryer and may also need to be replaced.

The venting system should also be checked to ensure that it’s clear and there’s good airflow.

If the door won’t open on your Blomberg washer dryer this could be resulting from the inability of the washer to drain. As a safety precaution, the door will automatically lock.

Failure to start may be related to the door not closing properly. Or could be due to a fault with the sensor or pressure pad that detects when the door is closed. A faulty seal will also affect door closure.

A qualified engineer will be able to test for all these faults as well as ensuring the power supply, plugs, sockets, and fuses are all in order.

Automatic switch over problems can happen when the programme has been set to switch over to drying after washing but then fails to do so. If water has stayed in the drum after the wash cycle this could be the cause. You may need help and advice in emptying any remaining water from the drum for this feature to be restored.

Get Guaranteed Washer Dryer Repairs

Blomberg dryer repair London specialists have years of experience in appliance reparations. And will quickly diagnose the cause of your problems and fix them for you. You’ll be able to get a quote and won’t need to pay a deposit. Using state-of-the-art technology and parts your qualified engineer will have your Blomberg dryer up and running on the same day you made your appointment.