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Blomberg Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

Blomberg washing machines are designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle. High-performance freestanding and integrated appliances have rapid wash cycles. And drums that can hold a capacity of 11kg. A completely clean load can be achieved in less than 30 minutes.

But even with all this new technology occasionally things can go wrong. Your washing machine will show a code on the digital display to indicate a specific issue. See some Blomberg washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Washing machine won’t work

When your Blomberg washing machine won’t start this might indicate a problem with the power outlet. The washing machine may be unplugged or in off mode. You’ll need an electrician to check the fuses, circuit breakers and power source.

If, after selecting the programme the washing machine still won’t start this could be a problem with the door not closing properly. If the programme itself can’t be selected then this is probably an issue with the water pressure or line voltage. And the appliance will have switched to self-protection mode to prevent any potential damage.

The programme selector fault is 09. A door latch fault will be indicated by error code 12. Both the door lock and connector block will need to be examined. And the wiring will need to be checked by an expert.

The washing machine won’t spin

A Blomberg washing machine not spinning could be due to several reasons. There may be an unbalanced load – this uneven load distribution will cause the programme cycle to be interrupted and spinning not carried out.

If you’ve omitted to select the spin programme this may be the cause. Other issues include faulty motor connector blocks, carbon brushes, and the washing machine drive belt. Error code 13 will indicate a spin issue has been detected.

Water drains slowly or not at all

A Blomberg washing machine not draining may be due to the drain hose being folded or kinked. The drain pump filter may be blocked. The drain pump may not be operating properly, or wiring to the drain pump may be faulty. The drain itself may be clogged if the washing machine won’t drain water away. The drain error detection code is 02.

The washing machine is leaking

Blomberg washing machine leaking issues can be related to defective inlet hose connections. Strainers and rubber seals can become loose. The end of the drain hose may have detached. Or the drain may be blocked. Hose connections inside the washer itself may be leaking. And the filter cap of the drain pump might not be properly fitted. If there’s a problem with the water inlet valve error code 01 will be displayed.

There’s no heat

A Blomberg washing machine not heating the water indicates there’s a problem with the thermostat. Or the wash heater. Wiring may be an issue here so you’ll need to contact a qualified appliance repair technician. When a heating error is detected code 03 will be displayed. A water heating fault detected will be displayed as 09 or 011. Again, this suggests problems with the wash heater or thermostats.

Other Error Codes Explained

  • Code 04 – the motor triac may have shorted
  • Code 05 – a temperature fault has been detected
  • Code 06 – a motor tacho fault has been found
  • Code 07 – this is a door lock issue
  • Code 10 – a water overfill or overflow is the problem
  • Code 18 – a voltage power fault indicates the appliance isn’t receiving the right voltage

Time to Call in the Professionals

When you’ve got a problem Blomberg washing machine repair London experts will be able to help. Short notice bookings mean you won’t have to wait. You’ll get an experienced technician. A swift diagnosis. And a fully insured service that comes with a six-month guarantee. Your Blomberg washing machine will soon be working be as new.