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Bosch Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

You’ll be able to find a Bosch oven that suits your kitchen space – with a range of fuel types available. These new appliances can cut energy bills, save time, and help protect the environment. From compact to built-in styles, a full range of features are offered with pyrolytic self-cleaning being a popular quality.

If you start to experience difficulties you may be able to determine a cause – even if you can’t fix it yourself. See a range of Bosch ovens problems and troubleshooting here…

Bosch Oven with faulty selector switch

Be Error Code Savvy

Bosch oven error codes are different for each model. But there are common error codes that display information on the electronic display. These include:

E011 – Bosch oven E011 code means that one of the buttons is being pressed for a longer time than usual – this could be caused by dirt or water entering the control panel and will need the expertise of an appliance repair engineer

F31 – indicates the oven temperature is assumed defective by the control board

F41 – a faulty latch motor or wiring problem will cause the latch to malfunction

F45 – the motorised latch won’t unlock meaning the hinges or door seals may be at fault

F111 – the oven is overheating when in self-clean mode possibly due to faults with the cooling fan

F113 – the oven is overheating in baking mode and this may be related to a defective thermostat unable to regulate temperature

F125 – indicates the key is stuck

F151 – points to a control board communication error

F154 – vents need to be checked for obstruction

Bosch Oven with faulty selector switch Bosch Oven with faulty selector switch
Bosch Oven With Faulty Selector Switch

Other Issues…

Oven won’t turn on

The oven not working could be related to many parts including a damaged baking element, a defective igniter, faulty spark electrode, or an incoming power problem – issues with the relay or control board, or any electrical issues will need the help of a trained engineer.

Oven light is out

A Bosch oven light not working may be due to connection issues to the electrical network – a possible main supply or terminal connection, or the control module may be at fault – and the light bulb, light socket, and light assembly will all need to be checked out.

Time setting difficulties

Bosch oven clock problems could be related to a faulty timer or transformer unit – either of which may need replacing – a clock that’s not displaying alongside areas of the cooker that aren’t working indicates an issue with the terminal block due to loose connections, or simply a fault with the clock itself that may need resetting or replacing.

Oven not heating

A Bosch oven not heating has frequent causes – the igniter, bake element, bake or broil spark electrode, and the broil element being just a sample – alongside issues with incoming power, tripping thermal fuses, loose or burnt wire connections, and problems with the temperature control thermostat, safety valve, or pressure regulator.

Oven won’t self-clean

During the oven cleaning cycle, the door lock switch is activated to ensure the oven door won’t open – if the door lock motor switch and assembly are damaged the self-clean mode won’t function – and other parts causing prevention of this operation may be the temperature control thermostat, the oven control board, thermal fuse, or the door switch itself.

Professional Oven Repairers

Bosch oven repair London experts will quickly identify any issues and carry out any necessary repairs or replacements. You can call a get a quote upfront. And make a convenient booking – even on a Saturday. Only advanced tools and equipment will be used by highly trained and qualified technicians. And your fully insured service comes with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months.