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Bosch Ovens Problems And Troubleshooting Tips

Bosch ovens are available as single ovens, double ovens, and microwave combination ovens. And they can experience a range of common operating issues from not getting up to temperature to overheating.

Bosch ovens problems

Bosch oven not working

An incoming power problem with insufficient voltage, a blown thermal fuse that trips the circuit breaker, and loose or burnt wiring will all prevent your oven from working. Checks will also need to be carried out on the control board, baking and broil elements, igniters, and electrodes.

Bosch oven light not working

This may simply be that the light bulb has burned out and needs a replacement bulb with a removable bulb cover. If the bulb isn’t the problem there may be a power supply issue or there can be a fault with the lamp assembly or a bad connection within the light socket.

Bosch oven clock problems

If your oven clock has stopped working it may need to be reset. If that isn't the issue the fault could lie with the clock itself making it impossible to set the correct time. You’ll need to have the clock replaced if this is the case. If your clock isn’t working and you’re experiencing other issues with your oven as well this indicates terminal block problems that may be caused by loose connections.

Bosch oven not heating

The igniter has two main functions to draw electrical current through the safety valve to open it and to get hot enough to ignite the gas in the oven burner. If this component is defective your oven won’t heat.

A faulty bake or broil element can also cause heating issues as they can blister or burn, and a defective bake or broil spark electrode will prevent a spark from jumping to the electrode shield.

A malfunctioning oven control board that sends voltage to the bake and broil circuits will affect heating, as can the relay board which controls the electrical current to the heating element.

A temperature control thermostat that’s not working properly will shut off the heat prematurely and will need to be replaced.

Bosch oven error codes

Error codes are a way of informing you that your oven is experiencing operating difficulties and will point you in the right direction as to where the fault lies, even though you may need professional help to fix the problem.

See a range of common error codes below:

  • ER1: a temperature sensor failure
  • ER2: problems with connection to the electrical network.
  • ER3: the oven is overheating.
  • ER6: the door lock is defective.
  • ER8: problems in the circuit.
  • E005: the protective relay is unable to turn on.
  • E011: Bosch oven E011 is a long pressing of one of the buttons meaning that the control panel has become soiled or penetrated by moisture, causing the button to become jammed.
  • E115: the temperature is too high.
  • E305: there’s no connection between the baseplates.

Depending on your model alternative error codes are shown here:

  • F31: indicates an oven temperature sensor failure
  • F33: a drawer sensor failure
  • F41: faulty latch motor, wiring, latch switch, loose connections to the appliance chassis
  • F43: the motorised latch won’t unlock
  • F45:jammed upper oven door

Get an exclusive Bosch oven repair

When you need a Bosch oven repair in London simply contact the experts! You can get a quick quote upfront and you won’t have to pay a deposit or a call-out fee. When you need your oven fixed in an emergency you’ll be able to get a same-day booking option. All of the work carried out will be fully insured and your repairs will automatically come with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months.