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Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

A high-quality washing machine such as Bosch – one of the most well-known German electronics manufacturers – can be relied on 99% of the time. But what do you do on that rare occasion when your appliance starts to experience problems? The first thing to understand is that when your washing machine is detecting a fault it will display an error code. This won’t give you a detailed explanation of what’s happening but will help you outline the problem. You probably won’t be able to fix many of the issues but will have the diagnostic aids to pass on to your professional repair technician. See a range of Bosch washing machine error codes explained here…

Bosch error codes

Bosch washing machine error code E09/F09

This code relates to an unexpected heating problem meaning that the water isn’t heating up sufficiently to meet the desired temperature. This could be an issue with water inlet valves, the hot water solenoid, or the thermostat. The heating element could also be defective – all of these concerns can be quickly checked out and resolved by your engineer.

Bosch E15 error code

Bosch E15 error shows a fault in the temperature sensors with problems that could include more complex electrical issues. The temperature is controlled by the PCB, and the sensor changes its electrical resistance at varying temperatures. When this component is defective the culprit may be faulty wiring – and your repair engineer will diagnose this fault by using a multimeter.

Bosch washing machine F16 error code

Error code F16/E16 indicates that the door interlock isn’t working properly, probably caused by a faulty door locking mechanism. The washing machine won’t operate if this is the case as it perceives that door is still open. The door lock needs to engage with the latch to lock the appliance – the lock may fail electrically or mechanically – if it’s damaged in any way it’ll probably need to be replaced.

Bosch washing machine error E18

When Bosch washing machine error 18 is displayed this is due to the appliance not being able to empty the water quickly enough – and is likely to be a drain pump issue. Components that need to be checked to rectify Bosch washing machine error 18 are the pump itself or a faulty module within a failing circuit board. You’ll need expert help to repair or replace these parts. F18 error Bosch washing machine indicates the same issue with a different code – this is dependent on your model. Alongside the above, your engineer will also check for any blockages in the hoses which may be the reason for the appliance not being able to drain.

Bosch error code F21

Motor troubles are the main cause for this error code to be displayed. Basically, the Tacho sensor module is unable to receive information about the engine speed, so it automatically stops. If the motor is broken it won’t be able to rotate the drum, or if a chain which powers the sensor is damaged this will also affect the operation. Feeding wires to the motor can become detached or oxidised, and foreign objects in the drum will hinder movement. Another reason for the F21 error code can be a voltage drop in the mains. This common problem can be effectively rectified by an experienced repair engineer.

When you need help

Bosch washing machine repair in London is simple to arrange. You’ll be able to book your repair online and get a short-notice appointment if needed. Advanced tools and equipment will be used by specially trained staff to ensure your Bosch washing machine is soon running effectively once more. And what’s more, you’ll also be given a six-month quality guarantee.