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The Most Common Bosch Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

Bosch washing machines are extremely popular. They range in price from £300 to £600. And have a range of load capacities. They’re available in white, silver, stainless steel, and sometimes black – so will suit any kitchen décor. They also have many additional features to help you save time and money.

However, sometimes things do go wrong! Look at the most common Bosch washing machine problems and troubleshooting guide here…

Common Issues for Bosch Washing Machine

Bosch washing machine problems come with a range of symptoms. These include when your washing machine….

  • Won’t start
  • This indicates a problem with the plug, electrical socket, or circuit breaker When your washing machine continually trips the electrics, it could be due to a wire shorting, a water leak into the electrics, or a motor or heater snag. You’ll need a qualified electrician to sort these issues out safely.

  • Won’t spin
  • This could be an obstruction or kink in the cold-water hose or the waste hose. A blockage will prevent the spin cycle. A blocked filter will also have the same effect as will an unbalanced load. Bosch washing machine problems with spin can be easily fixed by a qualified engineer. The machine also won’t spin if the lid switch is faulty, the drive belt is broken, or the door won’t close.

  • Won't drain
  • Again, this is most likely to be caused by a kinked or blocked hose, or a blocked filter. The drain pump can get blocked, the water pump belt can break, and if the door won’t lock this can be another factor that prevents the machine from emptying water.

  • Is noisy
  • Excessive noise can be produced when bearings are faulty. Or there’s something stuck in the drum causing it to rattle during the cycle. The drain pipe could be blocked, and the filter obstructed. The drum bearing can wear and need re-sealing, and you can experience problems with the drive pulley and the motor coupling.

  • Vibrates and shakes
  • The washing machine needs to be level to avoid these issues. Shock absorbers that connect the drum to the chassis could be defective, and so could the concrete weights in older appliances. Suspension springs and rods can break, and balance rings can lose fluids. Wear and tear on the drum can cause excess vibration.

  • Is leaking
  • If the drain pump is damaged it may leak water. If the drum seal is worn this can lead to water leaking into the bearings and they may fail. The door seal can cause water leaks if it’s torn, and leaks can also come from the drain hose.

  • Is overflowing
  • The water inlet valve is often the main culprit here. If it’s defective the machine will fill with water even when it’s not getting any power. The pressure switch is responsible for delivering that power and that too can fail. You may find that the inlet valve isn’t getting enough pressure and can’t fully close after the power is turned off.

  • Has a door that won’t open
  • When the door stays locked this may mean the machine has detected water inside. To avoid flooding the door can’t be opened. Another reason for no door lock release could be a faulty door lock mechanism

  • Won’t end the cycle
  • This could be due to a number of reasons from a faulty heater or thermostat to motor carbon brushes that need replacing. If the machine is stopping partway through the cycle it may be due to difficulties with filling with water, emptying water, or overheating.

Error Codes - Bosch Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Bosch washing machine fault codes are designed to show when the appliance has detected a problem. A selection of error codes is shown here but may differ depending on your model. These codes may be digitally displayed as follows:

  • - E16 – the door isn’t properly locked
  • - E18 – the filter or cold-water inlet hose is blocked
  • - E23 – there’s a leak from the machine or water in the base plate
  • - E32 – an alternate “end” flashing means unbalanced load has been detected
  • - E33 – excess foam is the culprit
  • - A tap symbol – indicates the water pressure is too low
  • - A key symbol – shows the child lock is activated

The alternative Bosch washing machine troubleshooting method is from a sequence of LED lights that indicate a particular fault. Error codes will differ according to the model you have, so you’ll need to check the manufacturer's guide for your particular machine.

Call in the Professionals

Washing machine repair London experts will soon be on your case! Request a free quote for your Bosch washing machine repair. Any Bosch Classixx washing machine problems will be quickly fixed. And you’ll get a service carried out by trained and qualified engineers using modern tools and equipment.

With short notice bookings available and repairs that come with a six-month guarantee you know you’ve chosen a trusted appliance repair service. And your Bosch washing machine will be up and running in no time.