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Bush Dishwasher Error Codes Explained

Bush dishwasher error codes may help you to diagnose a problem with your appliance, but you may need to call in professionals to fix it for you. Bush dishwasher fault codes can often assist you in determining the nature of the fault even if you need more help and advice on investigating the failure.

Bush dishwasher error codes explained

Bush dishwasher error code E1

This is an error code that’s indicating that the water pressure is too low. There’s a reason that the water is unable to flow freely and this could be related to the incoming water supply or a defective water inlet valve or flow meter.

If the water pressure is too low your dishes won’t get properly washed or rinsed, so increasing the pressure will be done by your appliance repair technician following initial investigations.

Bush dishwasher error code E2

When the draining time is excessive error code E2 will show. It points to an obstruction in the drain hose, or the hose may be kinked preventing the water from exiting your appliance. If the drain hose has been installed in a position that’s too high and can’t extend this will also affect drainage. This will have to be removed from the dishwasher and the sink drain to clear any obstructions.

The drain pump may also be blocked, or there may be issues with the pump valves and fittings. You should be able to hear the pump struggling to work if this is the case. Bear in mind that if your sink drain is blocked this will also prevent your dishwasher from draining.

Other problems may be related to the pump seal, the dishwasher door, or an electrical source issue. Any of these difficulties can be diagnosed and quickly resolved by an experienced engineer.

Bush dishwasher error code E3

If the water heater takes too long to heat and the incoming water is cold the temperature of the water source may need to be adjusted, and error code E3 will show. For the average dishwasher, it only takes about two minutes for the water to heat inside the appliance, if the incoming water temperature is too low this can easily add an extra hour to finish the cycle.

The inlet hose may not be properly connected and this can easily be checked and rectified by a qualified technician.

Bush dishwasher error code E4

An overflow sensor issue can cause this error code to display and reasons include the water pressure being too high, the inlet hose being incorrectly connected, or a problem with the drain or drain hose which may be blocked.

If the baseplate anti-flood switch has been activated this will also cause the error code to show. This device may be a simple float and switch or a more complex unit activated by pressure. If this component can’t be reset it will need replacing.

Bush dishwasher error code E7

If your dishwasher is displaying error code E7 it indicates a short circuit of the temperature sensor. This is located under the appliance and is a probe that goes into the sump bowl. There may be an issue with faulty wiring, or the sensor itself may be defective and need replacing.

Get Bush dishwasher repairs in London

When you need a Bush dishwasher repair in London, it’s very simple to arrange. All you need to do is fill in the online form and the rest will be done for you! A highly trained appliance repair technician will carry out your fully insured service, and you won’t need to pay a deposit or a call-out charge. Short-notice appointments are available on request, and you’ll be covered by a six-month quality guarantee for any dishwasher repairs that are undertaken.