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Bush Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

Error code explanations can help you identify where the fault may be when your washing machine is failing to operate as it should. However, they don’t point to the precise component that may be causing the issue - they just give an idea of what may be causing the problem.

See common Bush washing machine error codes explained here…

Bush washing machine error codes

Bush Washer Error 1

Error 1

Bush washing machine error 1 is a warning that your washing machine door lock has failed to operate and isn’t responding to instructions. This could be caused by an error with the door safety lock or interlock, faulty wiring, or a defective door latch.

Bush Washer Error 2

Error 2

Bush washing machine error code 2 indicates that the water has failed to drain within the allocated time which is typically six minutes. This points to an issue with a blocked filter, obstructed drain hose, or defective drain pump. Other problems could be related to the level sensor or switch, or wiring to the level sensor.

Bush Washer Error 3/5

Error 3/ Error 5

Bush washing machine error code E03 signifies that your washing machine hasn’t drained within the allotted time and this could be due to a blocked drain hose, obstructed filter, faulty wiring to the level sensor, or the sensor itself. Other issues could be related to the drain pump. Error 5 may display pointing to the same issues.

Bush Washer Error 4

Error 4

Bush Washing Machine error 4 is indicating a problem with the wash heater. Components that need to be looked at are the water heating element, the thermistor or temperature sensor, wiring to the heating element, and connections to all. This is a fault on the heating circuit which will need to be expertly identified.

Bush Washer Error 6

Error 6

When your washing machine displays error code 6 it has detected a fault on the main drive motor circuit related to the overheat protector. If the problem persists you’ll need to arrange an engineer visit so that the motor connection block, motor carbon brushes, wiring, tacho connections, and the motor itself can all be inspected for faults.

Bush Washer Error 7

Error 7

Bush washing machine error 7 indicates a motor failure. Checks that need to be carried out include the motor connections, wiring and tacho connections, and the motor itself. Alternatively, the problem could lie with the motor carbon brushes that could be unstable or worn.

Bush Washer Error 8

Error 8

If this error code is showing on the display it means that your washing machine is experiencing an overfill situation. This can be caused by over foaming or by using the wrong detergent. Other issues could be related to the pressure sensor, the pressure switch hose, wiring and connections to the water pressure sensor, or problems with the main electronic controller.

Bush Washer Error 21

Error 21

Bush washing machine error code E21 is a drain flow error and will show when your washing machine senses that the draining process is taking too long. This may be caused by a blockage in the filter or the drain hose.

Bush Washer Error UNB


When your washing machine has detected an out of balance situation this error code will display. This is often caused by an incorrect or imbalanced load. Checks will need to be made on the air chamber and the pressure switch hose, the water level sensor, and the main electronic controller. Over foaming and over soaping can also cause this error.

Bush washing machine repairs in London are easy to arrange. You’ll be able to book a fully insured service that guarantees instant results! There are no deposits to pay and no call-out fees, and every repair comes with a six-month warranty. Your Bush washing machine will soon be running as new.