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Candy Dishwasher Problems and Troubleshooting

Freestanding or fully integrated, your dishwasher is probably one of your most valued kitchen appliances. The hot temperature of the water delivers visibly clean and fully sanitised crockery and cutlery. Modern machines don't use anything like the amount of water that early models did. And once you have a dishwasher all those family arguments about who washes and who dries are a thing of the past.

You'll want to get any Candy dishwasher problems that occur seen to as soon as possible. This article focuses on Candy cdi1012 dishwasher problems, but while different models offer different functionality, the faults that can develop are by and large very similar.

Some common Candy dishwasher cdi1012 problems are actually down to incorrect usage.

Dishes don't come out clean

Before assuming that your machine is faulty, check your users manual and make sure you're not overloading the machine, loading incorrectly or using the wrong amount or type of detergent.

Glasses have a blue film on them or come out smeared

This indicates too much rinse aid is being used. You may need to put less in the machine or adjust the rinse aid setting down a notch if this is variable.

Offensive smells coming from the machine

Internal pipework and the spray arms can get coated with food deposits and salts. Scraping plates and dishes before putting them in the washer and using the correct amount of water softener in hard water areas will reduce the chances of this problem occurring. You may be able to remove the smell by running a maintenance wash using a long hot program and a dishwasher cleaner which you can buy from the supermarket.

Once you're sure that none of these things apply, or if your machine is showing a fault code it's time to call an engineer.

Understanding Error Codes

Even the most reliable appliance can develop faults. In these cases, your machine may display one of the Candy dishwasher error codes described below.

  • E1 or E2 - The dishwasher has not filled to the correct level in the time allowed in the program. Possible causes, apart from no water being available, include a fault in the wiring of the inlet valve or a problem with the inlet valve itself.
  • E3 - An E3 error message indicates that the water has failed to heat to the correct temperature. On some models, it may also indicate that the machine is failing to drain.
  • E4 - This code indicates a water leak somewhere in the system. Water and electrical wiring make an unhappy mix, so if this fault code is showing you really need to disconnect from the mains and get it checked by a professional as soon as possible.
  • E5 - There's a problem with the electronic temperature control. An engineer will be able to trace the exact cause of this and replace the faulty component.
  • E6 - Indicates some electronic fault, possibly an open circuit in the temperature control system.
  • E7 - This suggests a short circuit in the temperature control panel.
  • E8 - Either the heating element is working incorrectly or the filter plate is blocked.

If you have any of these Candy dishwasher fault codes showing you'll probably need a service engineer to fully diagnose and fix the fault. Luckily, arranging Candy dishwasher repair in London is simply a matter of picking up the phone. Just be ready with information about the make and model of your machine, and any error messages currently displayed. If the service engineer has this information before he comes it cuts down on the time required in identifying your Candy dishwasher problems and troubleshooting them. Your service engineer can bring along any common spare parts that you're likely to need. This speeds up the repair and if diagnosis and repair happen in a single visit it helps keep costs down too.