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Candy Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

A candy dryer will provide you with the perfect drying time as sensors are designed to calculate this for you. Quick-dry programmes work well when you’re in a hurry. And thanks to Smart Touch connectivity you can set a start time and browse new programmes.

Although Candy condenser tumble dryer problems may be few it’s a good idea to know where the issue may lie – even if you can’t fix it yourself. Look at some Candy dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

Problem Solving Tips

Some Candy condenser dryer problems may have more than one solution but it helps to know where to start:

The tumble dryer simply won’t work

Plugs, sockets, fuses, and power supplies could all contribute to the machine not starting. A qualified electrician will quickly be able to determine the source of the problem and safely carry out any repairs. Bear in mind the door has to be fully closed for the programme to start. A faulty door switch or seal may also need specialist repair.

Dryer won’t dry clothes

This could be due to issues with the filter, or indicate that the ventilation inlet grills are obstructed. An incorrect load or defective condenser unit can also be the culprits. As can the water tank not emptying.

There’s condensation in the room

Condenser dryers need adequate ventilation and need to be in a room that allows a constant supply of cool air to the condenser unit.

Other Candy Model Issues

Candy Grando tumble dryer problems may include making an electrical buzzing noise without the drum moving. This can point to a problem with the drum assembly and will need a technician to fix it.

Candy Grand Vita tumble dryer problems can have an error message that states LOC. This indicates that the control panel has been locked and needs unlocking before you can use the dryer. It’s advisable to get an engineer to check this out for you to ensure there are no other underlying causes.

Candy 8kg condenser dryer problems may consist of the dryer staying cold. This may relate to an overheating issue – and the thermostat and thermal overload cut-out may need replacing.

Rapid Flash Fault Indicators

Candy tumble dryer error codes are depicted by LEDs on the control panel that flash to equate the error code. So, three flashes relate to Error Code E3 and so on. For a comprehensive list consult your manufacturer's guide. See a sample of flash counts and their error meanings below:

  • E3 – this indicates the water tank is full. Components that need to be checked by your qualified engineer are the wiring, float switch assembly, and the electronic controller
  • E4 – a faulty program selector will require the selector and the control module to be tested[BM1] [BM2]
  • E5 – five flashes mean that the temperature sensor has detected an open circuit, or shorted – resulting in a wiring issue with the temperature sensor itself, or with the thermistor
  • E6 – a faulty main electrical control unit will need re-programming or replacing by an expert
  • E7 – when a poor airflow is detected the condenser unit will need to be examined, as will pipes and filters for obstructions
  • E8 – if the thermal fuse is defective both the fuse and wiring will need to be checked by a qualified electrician

If your Candy tumble dryer has all lights flashing – what could be the problem of a faulty circuit board will need to be resolved by an experienced professional. Simply switch off your appliance and make a call.

Get Experienced Appliance Repairers

Candy dryer repair London experts will quickly solve your issues and provide a solution. Highly trained technicians will use advanced tools and equipment. And offer you a fully insured service that comes with a six-month guarantee. You’ll never have to worry about Candy tumble dryer problems again.