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Candy Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Got a Candy oven that’s not operating properly? Here’s a range of Candy oven problems and troubleshooting to determine what could be wrong - and who to contact to put it right!

Candy oven troubleshooting

Candy oven not working

If your Candy oven isn’t working at all this indicates an electrical issue. There may be a problem with the electricity supply, a defective power socket or switch, or a blown fuse. This can also be related to the settings if your appliance has a timer - the function indicator needs to be set to manual. A qualified engineer will check any electrical difficulties safely.

Candy oven not heating up

If your oven isn’t getting hot but the fan is running and the light is on this indicates a faulty element. A Candy oven element replacement can easily be arranged via your local appliance repairers.

This fault can also be caused by a temperature sensor not working properly or touching the oven wall.

Candy oven fan not working

When the oven fan won’t spin a faulty motor could be the reason. If there’s a lot of noise coming from the fan and no heat circulation this is confirmation of the fault. The cause is simply dry or worn out bearings in the motor which normally requires the motor to be replaced.

Other issues can be related to the fan and motor assembly, or the heating element by the fan itself.

Candy grill element not glowing

Bear in mind that some control systems cycle the element on and off meaning that the grill might not glow all of the time. However, if the grill doesn’t heat the grill element may have broken and need replacing.

Candy oven light doesn’t work

If it's not the bulb that needs replacing this could be caused by a defective light switch, connecting wires, or problems with the electronic controls. All of these issues can be resolved by an experienced appliance repair technician. Candy oven door won’t shut.

If your oven door won’t shut this could be due to the hinges which may have worn or dropped which requires expertly disassembling the door and possibly removing the side panel too. A faulty door seal can also prevent the door from closing securely, as can a defective door switch.

Candy oven temperature incorrect

Preheating your oven should maintain the temperature to which you set it. If the temperature is higher the temperature controls need to be recalibrated. If this doesn’t work there may be an issue with the control pad which will need investigating.

Candy oven burning food

If your oven is constantly burning food this can also be due to a badly calibrated appliance. You should get assistance from a professional oven repair technician to fix this issue.

Candy oven not cooking evenly

The heating elements and the temperature sensor are often the culprits here. If the heating elements fail to glow red, and the temperature sensor resistance isn’t rising with the oven temperature either or both of these parts may need replacing.

Candy oven won’t self-clean

There are many common problems that can prevent your oven from self-cleaning including a faulty door switch stopping the door from locking securely. The programme won’t function unless the door is locked.

There could also be issues with the temperature control thermostat, wiring, the thermal fuse, or the oven control board itself. Testing and repairing these components requires specialist skills and tools, so are best left to the professionals.

Got a Candy oven problem?

Candy oven repairs in London are simple to arrange and you can schedule a fast action appointment in an emergency. You’ll get a fully insured service delivered by oven repair experts that know exactly how to fix your Candy oven. You can get a quote beforehand and there’s no call-out charge or deposit needed, and you’ll be automatically provided with a six-month repair guarantee.