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Caple Dishwasher Error Codes Explained

Caple dishwashers are renowned for low water consumption, wide-ranging programmes to suit all households, a minimum of A+ energy rating, and reliability ensuring load after load of clean tableware.

If your dishwasher encounters operating issues, it will display an error code or error light indicating where the problem may lie – even if you can’t fix it yourself. Caple dishwasher error codes are explained here…

Caple dishwasher error codes

  • E1 – longer inlet time – this points to problems related to restricted water intake, water pressure that’s too low or malfunctioning faucets.
  • E3 – not reaching the required temperature after a longer heating time – this could be a fault with the heating element or temperature sensor.
  • E4 – overfilling – when excess water is coming through the inlet this error code will display indicating there may be a leak.
  • E6/E7 – temperature sensor failure – caused by an open circuit or a broken temperature sensor.

Eco light errors

  • When the Eco light flickers frequently this is the alternative to error code E1 – showing a longer inlet time.
  • If the normal light and Eco light flicker frequently this is a longer heating time but the temperature required isn't reached as with error code E3.
  • If the Rapid light flashes frequently this also indicates a longer inlet time with the problems being no water supply, limited water intake, or too low water pressure.
  • When the Eco light flashes quickly this points to an overflow with some part of the dishwasher leaking.

Caple dishwasher problems

See a range of common Caple dishwasher problems below:

Caple dishwasher won’t start

Possible causes here include a blown fuse which will trigger the circuit breaker to act. There may be a problem with the power supply, or the dishwasher door may not be closed properly which could indicate an issue with the door latch.

Caple dishwasher not heating up

If your dishwasher isn’t heating the water during the washing cycle this could mean there’s a fault with the heating element. If this is the case then your tableware won’t be cleaned properly and will be left with a build-up of grease and food deposits.

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the water heating – if this is defective your dishwasher won’t heat the water as it will be unable to monitor the water temperature.

Occasionally the PCB (printed circuit board) that controls the functions can be a possible cause why the water isn’t heating in your dishwasher. A service engineer will efficiently resolve any of these issues for you.

Caple dishwasher not draining

When your dishwasher won’t drain it can result in a flooded kitchen so it needs to be dealt with quickly. An experienced repair technician will check the assembly of the valve in the drain pump, the drain pump itself, and the motor.

There may also be an obstruction in the drain or the solenoid which will have to be removed. The drain hose may be kinked or damaged, and the filter may be clogged. Any defective components will be repaired or replaced.

Caple dishwasher keeps beeping

Beeping indicates that the electronic sensor has detected a problem. This could be due to a blocked pump, a faulty door contact switch, or an obstructed drain. A water leak may also have been sensed. You’ll need expert help to determine and fix any problems here.

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