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Cata Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Got issues with your Cata oven? With a little guidance, you’ll be able to carry out a logical, systematic search to find the source of the problem - even though you may need to call in professionals to fix it for you.

Look at a range of Cata oven problems and troubleshooting here...

Cata oven problems

Cata oven not heating up

If there’s no heat in your oven this usually means that the heater or heating element has become an open circuit, typically requiring a Cata oven element replacement. The heating elements may have become corroded or burnt resulting in damaged wiring.

When your oven won’t heat to the right temperature this could be related to a defective temperature sensor. This important component regulates the temperature inside your oven, and when damaged will possibly prevent your oven from turning on at all. Occasionally the sensor touches the inside wall of the oven which can cause heating issues.

When the oven takes a much longer time to actually heat up, the fan motor is possibly not functioning properly. You may find noise coming from the fan which is caused by dry or worn out bearings in the motor itself. This problem can be quickly resolved by replacing the fan motor.

Cata oven burning food

Your oven thermostat is designed to regulate the temperature in the oven interior based on the temperature setting. It also controls the power to the heating element by turning it on and off to maintain that selected temperature.

A faulty Cata oven thermostat will cause this problem of food being burned or undercooked. Defects may come from a weak or ineffective switch activation which controls the power to the heating element. Electrical connectors to the thermostat body can also become damaged or disconnected.

Cata oven door not closing

A broken or perished door seal can cause this problem that can quickly be replaced, but if this doesn’t eliminate the problem, it could be a door hinge or receptor worn with age. A faulty door spring could also be the issue, as can a malfunctioning door sensor.

The door strike catcher can also wear or just snap off caused by constantly opening and shutting the oven door. When this happens the striker pin can actually lose its shape and will need replacing. Over time the door catch itself can begin to struggle in keeping the door closed, and as the striker connects to the catch this will add to the problem.

A Cata oven door replacement would be a solution if all else fails as heat escaping from your oven also reduces the efficiency of the heating element.

Cata oven cut out during cooking

This is typically related to an electrical fault and could simply be a faulty fuse. On the other hand, it could be a more serious problem of a melted terminal block that will need replacing.

If the electricity supply is tripped during cooking, the heating element has lost insulation or has warped and touched the outer casing. This causes bulging of the element casing and often shows a white powder covering inside the oven.

Any electrical issues need to be inspected and safely resolved by a qualified engineer.

Looking for a Cata oven repair in London?

Electric oven repair is just one of the many services provided by experienced oven repairers in London. You’ll be able to make an appointment at short notice if action is needed quickly! With a free quote available upfront, no deposit needed, and a six-month quality repair guarantee, your Cata oven will be in safe hands.