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CDA Dishwasher Fault Codes And Troubleshooting

CDA integrated dishwashers are capable of holding 13 place settings, offer five programmes – and timer delays that make them efficient and cost-effective as you can take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs.

Clever sensors allow the precise amount of water to wash dishes according to the level of soiling – and a Directwash feature ensures extra care on glasses. So, what happens when things go wrong? See examples of CDA dishwasher fault codes and troubleshooting here…

Failure Codes

CDA dishwasher error codes are displayed by the programme indicators to help in the event of a problem with the appliance. See a range of CDA fault codes here:

  • F1 – the alarm is active against the water overflow
  • F2 – the wastewater cannot drain
  • F3 – a continual fill error
  • F5 – inadequate water supply
  • F6 – faulty heater sensor
  • F7 – overheating error – the temperature in the appliance is too high
  • F8 – a heater error
  • F9 – spray diverter position error
  • FE – faulty electronic card

For any of the failure codes listed above, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified repair technician to diagnose the problem and effectively fix any issues.


CDA dishwasher troubleshooting covers:

The programme won’t start

This may be an electrical issue which will need to be safely fixed by an experienced electrical engineer. It could relate to the power supply, plug, fuse, or circuit breaker. Other CDA dishwasher problems here could be related to the water inlet or machine filters being blocked, or snags with the door not closing properly.

The dishwasher stops in the middle of a programme

This indicates a possible power failure or defective water inlet. The water inlet valve fills the dishwasher with the appropriate amount of hot water and is controlled by the timer or electronic control.

The valve is located behind the lower access panel and has two wires attached to it – the outlet hose and the hot water inlet. If any of these components are faulty the appliance won’t be able to operate.

The door won’t open or close properly

This may be a simple case of the door tension not being adjusted correctly, or a more complex issue with the door latch which may need replacing. The latch assembly will need to be checked to ensure that closing it activates both switches.

The dishes aren’t completely dry at the end of the programme

An incorrect programme may have been selected – you need to ensure the heated dry option is selected. The rinse aid dispenser should be checked as this improves drying. Some models are designed to automatically open at the end of each wash cycle releasing the steam to allow for air-drying. Issues with this feature will need to be expertly resolved.

The wash performance is poor

This can be due to a blocked spray arm, or filters that are incorrectly fitted or blocked. Another culprit can be an obstructed water drain pump. All of these problems can quickly be addressed by a qualified repair technician.

There are white stains on the dishes

Insufficient detergent, a rinse aid setting that’s too low or insufficient dishwasher salt added can result in dishes staining. Problem with the salt compartment may need expert attention as the cap might not be fitting correctly.

The internal light isn’t working

With any type of light failure, you’ll need to contact a repair technician who can provide you with a replacement.

Call Trusted Professionals

For CDA dishwasher repair in London get in touch with experienced appliance repairers. The source of your CDA dishwasher fault will quickly be found – and a quality repair carried out. You’ll get a fully insured service delivered by specially trained technicians – using modern tools and equipment. Your CDA dishwasher will soon be running as new!