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CDA Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

The CDA range of single and double ovens has been specifically designed to meet your cooking needs. All models are fitted with the latest innovative technology. And intended to last a lifetime. Features and functions include auto cook programmes, self-cleaning, and multi-functional cooking zones.

Occasionally your CDA oven may experience glitches. And it’s helpful to know what may be causing any issues before you arrange a visit from an expert. See a selection of CDA oven problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Oven Faults

CDA oven problems may include:

Not turning on

It’s wise to get a qualified electrician to help here. Although it may be a simple task of changing a fuse or a faulty plug, there may be more serious issues with the power supply. Digital trimers can also stick in the automatic setting and may need resetting.

Noisy Fan

A CDA oven fan noise can indicate dry or worn bearings on the motor. This can affect the cooling fan located at the top of the oven. And the circulation fan in the centre of the back panel.

The problem can simply be resolved by your technician – the relevant fan motors can be replaced.

Oven not heating

There are three faults that can account for your oven not getting hot. It could be down to a defective element. If this is the case the thermostat light will be on and the oven will be running. But there won’t be any heat.

The timer or clock may be faulty and this will also prevent the oven from heating. CDA oven models have a pre-set volume that can’t be adjusted. Or a three-point adjustment option that may not be working properly.

And the thermostat itself may not be functioning properly and need exchanging. The thermostat controls the oven temperature so when it fails, you’ll get no heat at all. Or the oven may overheat.

Food burning

A faulty thermostat will cause the oven to cook at a high temperature without being able to turn down. And this will result in your food being burned. You need to understand your settings too. With highly efficient fan ovens you can reduce the temperature by up to 20%. If food is burning on one side only this could be due to a fan setting rather than a conventional one – which provides an ideal central cooking temperature from both top and bottom elements.

Control knobs and door overheating

This is a common fault if your CDA oven doesn’t have a cooling fan which blows cool air out from the top of the oven to cool the top and the door. If the heat is extreme, you’ll need to contact an appliance repairer to check that the oven is meeting BSI safety standards.

Oven door issues

If your door doesn’t close properly and won’t align there may be problems with the hinges. Older ovens may have seals that are worn and perished. And are preventing the door from closing tightly.

Door seals aren’t glued into place, but are attached with clips. These clips can become loose or break, and will then need replacing. Escaping heat can cause damage to the surrounding cabinets so it’s important to have this problem fixed quickly. At the same time your technician can check that there’s adequate ventilation around the oven.

Get Experienced Appliance Repairers

CDA oven repair London specialists are waiting to help with all kinds of problems. Only skilled and qualified engineers will carry out your service. And you can get a quote for the repair beforehand. Using advanced tools and equipment your CDA oven will be fixed in no time. And working once more as new.