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CDA Washing Machine Fault Codes And Troubleshooting

CDA washing machines have excellent energy ratings, programmes including quick wash and delicates, and delay timers allowing you to efficiently utilise energy usage and time. An LED display makes the appliances easy to use – with an acoustic end of programme signal.

Diagnosing a problem with your washing machine can be done when you know what the error codes on your digital display mean – this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to fix the issue yourself but will give you an idea where the problem lies.

Want to know more about CDA washing machine fault codes and troubleshooting? Read on…

Display and Failure Codes

CDA washing machine fault codes will vary slightly depending on your appliance model. See a range of common CDA washing machine error codes here:

  • Error code F01 – the issue here is no water coming in
  • Error code F02 – the machine will not drain
  • Error code F04 – the appliance will not start
  • Error code F07 – this indicates a motor error and you’ll need to contact a repair technician immediately
  • Error code C03 – this is a detection that the washing machine won’t spin dry

Other Diagnostic System Codes

To protect your washing machine diagnostic systems will monitor the wash progress and intervene when things so wrong. Alternative error codes are:

  • Err1 – the door is unable to shut properly
  • Err2 – a drainage error
  • Err3 – the temperature sensor is faulty or not properly connected
  • Err4 – there is a heater error
  • Err5 – the water level isn’t reached within the 8-minute time guide
  • Err7 – indicates a motor error
  • Err8 – the water level is excessive
  • ER10 – the water level sensor has signalled an error
  • EuAr – there has been a communication failure between the PCB and the motor
  • UNb – after the last rinse cycle has finished the load is unbalanced


CDA washing machine troubleshooting can include the following:

The washing machine won’t start

The probable cause here is an issue with the power supply. This could be a damaged fuse, socket or switch. There may also be a problem with the door latch assembly making it impossible to close the door securely.

The washing machine won’t fill

This may be due to a problem with the water tap or water inlet valve. Other concerns could be related to a damaged inlet hose, a water supply failure, the water pressure being too low, or an obstruction in the inlet hose filter. Again, if the door isn’t closed properly the appliance won’t fill with water.

The washing machine won’t drain

The components that need to be checked in this case are the drain hose which may be obstructed or damaged, the pump filter which may be blocked, and the position of the drain hose which may be at an incorrect height.

The washing machine stops mid-cycle

This can be due to a water or electricity failure meaning that investigations will need to be professionally carried out to check both power and water supplies.

The washing machine won’t spin dry

Failing to spin properly often indicates an unbalanced load which will need to be added to and the spin cycle run again. If this isn’t the case the problem could be with a defective switch, a broken belt in some models, or an issue with the motor. Carbon brushes which come into contact with moving parts in the motor can become worn with time and may need replacing.

Washing Machine Repairs

CDA washing machine repair London specialists will be able to help fix any of the above issues. Using the latest tools and replacement parts, and with years of industry experience, your qualified technician will deliver a repair that lasts – and comes with a six months quality guarantee.