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Common AEG Washing Machine Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them

The AEG washing machine brand has been around since 1883! The average price for today’s models is £450, and can reach £700. AEG washing machines are generally considered to be good quality for a reasonable price. However, like all appliances they sometimes do have issues. See common AEG washing machine problems and how to troubleshoot them here…

  • The programme won’t start - This problem could be related to the power supply. A fuse could have blown and tripped the switch in the fuse box. Or the delay start button may be set. The child lock function will also prevent activation of the programme. And a faulty pressure switch will need attending to by and electrician.
  • The washing machine won’t fill - Issues with the water inlet hose, blocked filters, and incorrect connection of hoses will all contribute towards the appliance not filling with water. You’ll also need to get help if the water pressure is too low. Or if hoses are damaged and need replacing.
  • The spin cycle doesn’t work - A blocked filter will interrupt the spin cycle. As will balance problems with the load of laundry. The most likely cause is a blockage somewhere in the drainage system. If outlet pipes are obstructed the water won’t drain and the spin cycle won’t begin.
  • There’s water leaking - Washing machine water leakage can come from water hose couplings. Or the drain pump could be leaking. A damaged water drain hose will also cause water on the floor.
  • The washing machine won’t drain - Damage to the water drain hose may be the culprit. Or the drain pipe filter may be blocked. There may be a faulty hose connection. Or the washing machine drain pause or rinse and hold settings are set.
  • There’s a lot of noise - If your washing machine isn’t level this can cause unusual noises. And travelling. Small loads can also make a difference. You may have issues with the drum bearings. This will cause the drum to drop and become out of line with the seal.
  • The washing is still dirty - This could be due to insufficient or incorrect laundry detergent use. Especially if you wash at low temperatures as this can cause hoses to block. Or the washing machine temperature setting could be at fault. Washing problems can include white streaks on laundry and clothes coming out hot. Overloading can contribute here.
  • There’s a nasty smell - Unpleasant odours are often caused by residues from laundry detergent in the drum seals. Or in the compartment drawer. If the smell is permanent, you’ll need a service technician to investigate further. There may be an issue with the waste pipe.

The AEG Lavamat Washing Machine

The AEG Lavamat is A++ rated. Has a 7kg drum capacity ideal for medium-sized households. And is competitively priced at £499. AEG Lavamat washing machine problems are indicated with fault codes. These range from C0 for pressure switch faults to C9 for a motor fault. For a comprehensive range of basic fault-finding simply search online or read your manufacturer manual.

AEG Error Codes Explanations

AEG washing machine fault codes will help you identify particular errors. Many of which will need to be professionally repaired. Look at a sample of error codes and what they mean …

11 – can’t fill with water
13 – washing machine leak
21 – draining difficulties
23 – issue with drain pump
31 – pressure switch problem
35 – water overflow
38 – blocked pressure chamber
41, 42, 43 – door and door lock glitches
44, 45 – problems with the sensing circuit
51, 52, 53 – codes relating to motor issues
61 – heating system setback
66, 68, 69 – heating elements snags
71, 72, 73, 74 – all connected to sensor failings
82, 83 – selector tool trouble
91,92 – internal communication predicament
93, 94 – incorrect configuration

Other error codes may begin with E. These include problems with the drum, door, heating elements, solenoids, and filters to name but a few. Get a complete list of error fault codes from your instruction manual. Or search online.

Need a Repair?

AEG washing machine repair London specialists are here to help. You’ll be able to get a free quote before any work is undertaken. And only experienced technicians will carry out the fully insured service. All repairs are covered by a six-month warranty. Your AEG appliance will quickly be fixed and ready for action!