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Common Bush Washing Machine Problems And How To Troubleshoot Them

Bush washing machines are designed to suit most families. they’re simple to operate and have many useful settings. Including child locks, extra rinses, and pre-wash options.

The Bush A126Q washing machine, for example, features a 6kg wash capacity with an A+ energy efficiency rating. Optimum results are achieved for all types of laundry with a variety of cycles and programmes.

If you’re experiencing issues with your appliance it helps if you have prior knowledge of possible faults. And can tell your engineer what’s going on. See common Bush washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Bush Washing Machine Error Numbers and Meanings

1. Washing machine door lock not responding

When the appliance has detected a problem with the door safety lock or the interlock system this error number will appear. It may be a wiring issue. Or it could be related to water detection inside the drum. A faulty door lock or mechanism may be the cause, as can a fault in the pressure system.

2. Water failing to drain in a reasonable time

The normal drain time is approximately six minutes. If the water hasn’t drained within this time it could be due to a blocked filter, an obstructed drain hose, or a defective level sensor switch or drain pump. An engineer will need to assess these issues before making a diagnosis.

3. Washing machine not draining at all

When the washing machine can’t drain the water there are several reasons why. Drain pump and level sensor wiring, a defective drain pump, or obstructions or blockages in the drain hoses or filter. The pump may have a bearing failure or an obstruction of the impeller.

4. Wash heater problem detected

When error number 4 is displayed there’s a problem with the water heating element. Or the thermistor temperature sensor. Wiring and connections to the heating element and temperature sensor will need to be checked by an engineer, as this fault is on the heating circuit.

5. Water draining failure

Another issue with drainage can be the pressure of the water supply. And a problem with the water inlet valve. Your engineer will need to establish that the air chamber and pressure sensor are free of blockages. And that wiring and connections to the inlet valve are secure.

6. Failure of motor heat protector

Within the main drive, motor circuits are connections and connector blocks that protect the motor. If these are damaged the appliance will detect an error and prevent the motor from overheating. The carbon brushes will need to be inspected, as will the tacho connections.

7. Error or failure of motor

Although the exact nature of this fault cannot be located by the machine the number 7 indicates an error on the main drive motor circuit. Initial checks should be carried out on the wiring and connections. And on the connector block and carbon brushes. By a trained engineer.

8. Overfill situation detected

Using the wrong amount or incorrect detergent can cause this error number to appear. The water pressure sensor may also be faulty, as can the wiring to the water level sensor. The main electronic controller may also need to be looked at by your technician.


This code will be displayed when the washing machine detects an unbalanced situation. This could be caused by several factors including problems with the air chamber, pressure switch hose, water level or sensor, and the main electronic controller.

Get Appliance Repair Experts

Bush washing machine repair London engineers are trained to deal with all types of washing machines. So, can help with any Bush A126Q washing machine or other model problems. You’ll be able to make a hassle-free appointment. And get a quote for your repair before the work begins. Only specially trained technicians will arrive to fix your machine. And you’ll get a six-month quality guarantee.