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Common Candy Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

Candy is an international brand. And provides an entire range of free-standing and built-in washing machines with some of the most advanced technology. The Candy Grando, for instance, has been developed to meet all laundry needs. Featuring a 9kg drum capacity, automatically adjust settings and special drum action for a deep clean.

Unfortunately, problems do occasionally occur. And although you may not be able to fix them yourself it’s good to know what they may be related to. See common Candy washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

If your appliance detects a fault it will display an error number on the digital display. Or it will flash a number of times to coincide with the error fault number. For example, An E01 error code, or a single flashing light indicates an issue with the door lock or could be a defective wiring connection.

Error 02, or two flashes indicates the machine has problems filling with water. This could be due to water pressure, or Candy washing machine filter problems. Error 03 or three flashes is related to the appliance not emptying quickly enough. This could be down to outlet hose problems or the drain filter.

Error codes vary from E01 to E18. For a comprehensive guide of how to identify these codes simply refer to your manufacturer’s handbook

Candy Washing Machine Issues

Candy Grando washing machine problems may be varied. The following list states the fault and the parts of the appliance that could be the cause:

The machine won’t start

Checks need to be carried out by a qualified electrician on the power supply, fuses, and trip switches. Door closure may be a factor, as could the programme or the plumbing.

The door won’t open

This could be a reset failure, failure to complete a programme, or an issue with door opening waiting time. If water is still in the drum this will prevent the door from opening.

The appliance is leaking

There are a number of reasons why this may happen including a loose inlet hose that may need tightening. The waste pipe may be blocked and will need a plumber to remove the obstruction. The door seal may be worn. Or the detergent drawer may be clogged. And there may be an issue with the filter cover, or the filter itself.

The machine won’t spin

Water remaining in the drum can cause this. Water not draining away needs to be dealt with by a trained technician. Incorrect control options or settings can also affect the spin cycle. An unbalanced load in a machine fitted with an electronic sensor can also stop the machine from spinning.

The appliance is really noisy

A transit bar that is still in place may be the culprit here. Any polystyrene blocks used for packaging need to be removed. An unbalanced load will cause noise and vibration. As will a blocked filter. If loose coins or other foreign objects are in the drum itself this can cause rattling as well as damage.

Machine fills with water when it’s turned off

This is often an issue with the outlet pipe which may need re-aligning by a qualified plumber.

Mid-cycle stopping

When certain programmes are selected the machine will stop during the rinse cycle. This suspends the clothes in water before the final spin and is related to the Fast Iron cycle. If that light is flashing this indicates the machine needs to complete the final spin and pump the water out. If in doubt ask the Candy washing machine specialists.

When Professional Help Is Needed

Get Candy washing machine repair London experts to diagnose and fix many problems. You’ll be able to make an appointment to suit you. And get a fully insured service that comes with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months. Only specially trained engineers will carry out repairs. And your Candy washing machine will soon be as new.