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Common Grundig Washing Machine Problems And Troubleshooting

The modern range of washing machines from Grundig has energy ratings of A+++. Ensuring you get a supreme clean. And save money on energy bills. All of them are stylish, well-made, and often receiving Best Buy Awards for the most recent launch of MultiSense Technology styles.

But, on occasion, your washing machine may experience problems. And it’s good to have an idea of what may be causing your operating issues. Look at common Grundig washing machine problems and troubleshooting here…

Commong Grundig Washing Machine Problems

Programme won’t start

This could be due to a supply problem related to voltage or water pressure. Causing the machine to switch to self-protection mode. Faulty wall sockets or sockets that have been switched off may be the culprit. You’ll need to get an electrician to doublecheck for blown fuses and investigate the door interlock system.

Water won’t drain

There are several reasons why this problem may occur. It could be that the drain hose is twisted or blocked. Or the pump filter may be clogged. All sorts of objects can get trapped in the drain pump. From coins to small items of clothing. Your technician will drain your machine with an emergency drain hose if necessary.

Water leaks from underneath

Seals that are wearing or not connected properly to the water inlet hoses are likely to be the cause here. Hoses also need to be tightly attached to the taps. If the pump filter isn’t fully closed this will also give a water leak from the bottom of the machine.

Washing machine won’t fill

If the water inlet hose is kinked or the inlet filter is blocked this won’t let the machine fill with water. Another issue could be that the door is nor securely closed. If taps are closed the water will be prevented from getting into the appliance.

Appliance is vibrating and noisy

When your washing machine is unstable this will cause vibration. As will the machine leaning against something. Overloading the machine as well as underloading can also trigger distribution issues that lead to noise and vibration. Transportation safety bolts can also initiate shaking.

Door won’t open

The door lock may sometimes be activated by the level of water in the machine. And will stay locked for two minutes after the programme has finished. If the child lock continues to be engaged there may be an issue with the mechanical part of the door mechanism.

Timer won’t count down

This could be due to the heater not reaching the selected temperature, an automatic unbalanced load detection system fault, or the washing machine not taking in an adequate amount of water. All of these problems can be easily fixed by a trained engineer.

Machine goes into safety mode

If the water intake keeps being disrupted. And is accompanied by a safety message before switching off, this could be due to transit bolts on a brand-new model not being removed. Other safety warnings given at the beginning of the cycle could indicate an electrical fault.

Rubber seals melt after a high spin

This is obviously a manufacturing fault especially when accompanied by an acrid smell and smoke. This Grundig washing machine troubleshooting issue needs to be checked out by a qualified engineer.

Washing performance is poor

This could be due to an insufficient temperature being selected for the water hardness and the depth of laundry soiling. Using the incorrect amount of detergent will also affect the results. This is not related to the operating procedures – use the manufacture’s guide to ensure the recommended amounts of detergents are used in conjunction with the correct temperature.

Need Expert Help?

When you’ve got an issue Grundig washing machine repair London specialists are armed and ready to assist. You’ll be sent specially trained engineers. With modern tools and equipment to quickly get the job done. Your service will be fully insured. And come with a six-month quality guarantee.