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Most Common Oven Repairs

When something goes wrong with your oven you might worry that it will need to be replaced. In fact, a lot of the time what's needed is actually a relatively inexpensive component. Listed below you'll find some of the most commonly required oven repairs. If you have one of the problems described here, there's a good chance that a repairman will be able to return your cooker to working condition for a reasonable price.

The oven doesn't heat up at all

If no part of the oven is heating up it's possible that no power is getting to it. If you have an digital display or clock that also isn't functioning this possibility becomes a near certainty.

If you have a trip switch type consumer unit it's worth checking this to see it the trip needs to be reset. If it keeps happening you probably have a problem with the oven itself, and you need to get a service engineer in to see what's happening.

Other causes for no part of the oven heating up include fuses within the appliance needing to be changed. An engineer will be able to test and replace these easily.

Some part of the oven doesn't heat up

If could be the grill, the main oven or any of the hob elements. Elements can be tested and changed if required. It's a job for a professional since some can tricky to get to. Unless the oven is so old that you're just looking for a reason to change it this is usually a cost effective oven repair.

Other, less common reasons for an oven element failing to heat up include thermostat problems or failure of a changeover switch.

The oven is overheating

There are a number of reasons this could be happening, an experienced service engineer will work through a series of diagnostic steps starting with common problems and working back to less likely issues. Possible causes of an oven overheating include:

Problems with the thermostat - It may not be securely attached, it could need to be re-calibrated. Or the thermostat may be broken and need to be replaced.

Problems with the thermostat sensor - This is found inside the oven and tells the thermostat when to switch on and off.

An inefficient fan - A fan that's not functioning correctly might just need cleaning, but if it's also noisy it could be that the motor is reaching the end of its lifespan and needs replacing.

Inadequate ventilation - A blocked vent can stop heat escaping and lead to overheating. If the oven has been recently installed it's also possible that it simply doesn't have an adequate airflow around it. This is one reason for getting expensive appliances professionally installed in the first place, basic errors can reduce the lifespan of an oven and bad installation could even invalidate your guarantee.

The door isn't closing properly

oven repairsOven doors are heavy and hinges can fail. Hinges are small, easy to replace and most service engineers keep them in stock so this repair can be done quickly and easily. If you wait until the hinge fails you may end up with an oven you can't use, a door that's damaged or even a damaged floor. The door will have to be ordered and the whole job will be more costly and troublesome than it would have been.

As a general rule, if you notice any problem with your cooker, get oven repairs attended to promptly. A problem that's small and easy to fix can easily become a big issue that will cost you dearly if left unattended.