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Common Samsung Washing Machine Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Samsung has a solid reputation for producing high quality, reliable and innovative appliances. However, modern machines are complex and things can go wrong. If there is a problem Samsung washing machine fault codes give an indication of what the issue is and what sorts of repair is likely to be needed.

It's worth knowing that Samsung error codes are the same across a range of models, Samsung ecobubble error codes, for instance, are the same as any other front-loading Samsung washer.

Here are some of the most common Samsung washing machine error codes you'll see, and what they mean.

Error Code FL: This code indicates that the door lock isn't engaging. For safety reasons the appliance won't start if the lock isn't secure. Open the machine, check to make sure you don't have clothing jamming the door, then close it again. If the lock still won't engage it's likely that the problem lies in the door lock or switch assembly.

Error Codes nF and 4E: Samsung washing machine problems relating to lack of water supply will show one of these two error codes. The machine either isn't filling at all or it's filling much too slowly. It's worth checking to make sure that you have water at the tap and that your house supply isn't running at very low pressure. Also, check that the inlet hose isn't kinked. Failing these simple faults, the most likely cause of the problem is a defect in the inlet valves.

Error Codes nD or 5E: Another water-related problem. In this case, the issue is that the machine is not draining. It's worth clearing all the filters you can easily get to and making sure that the outlet hoses aren't kinked or blocked. That's about as far as you can take your Samsung ecobubble troubleshooting on your own. Drainage failures may be related to the water pump.

Error Code LE: Water again, In this case, it's a low water level. One possible cause of this is a leak in the tub. If the problem occurs in a recently installed appliance it may be that it was incorrectly installed and water is syphoning out of the washer.

Error Codes dc and UE: If your Samsung washing machine is not spinning, You may see one of these codes. It simply means that the load is unbalanced. Too small a load or one very heavy item can give rise to this issue. A Samsung ecobubble not spinning due to an unbalanced load is something that you will see come up in online forums. Cancel the load, let it drain then redistribute the clothing and try again.

Spin cycle problems can also be due to kinked hoses, blocked filters or failures of various components including the motor or drive belt.

Error Code LO: This displays when there is a problem with the door lock and the door won't open. There may be a fault in the door lock or switch assembly. The cause may also lie in the electronic control panel. Forcing the door open is likely to damage the machine. Switching the machine off and on again may reset it but if this doesn't work you'd do best to call a repairman.

Other Samsung Washing Machine error codes

There are a lot of codes! Many of them relate to problems that are quite technical in nature and indicate that you need to arrange for someone to visit, run diagnostic tests and replace failed components. When you call for Samsung washing machine repairs in London tell the person you speak to about any error codes you see displayed. If you do this, the repairman will have a good idea of what the problem is likely to be and can make sure they have the parts you might need with them.