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Common Washing Machine Problems

There are so many benefits to having a washing machine. Today these include using less water and energy efficiency. We don’t really stop and think about it very often as we tend to take the appliance for granted. However sometimes things can go wrong! Take a look at some common washing machine problems:

Unable to turn on

Washing machine that needs a repairThere may be a simple fix when this happens:

  • 1. The power supply – check the outlet voltage and see if circuit breakers have been tripped
  • 2. The motor – if the motor is frequently overheating the washer will shut down to cool
  • 3. The lid switch – this must be activated by the lid being shut properly
  • 4. The timer knob – if this is out of alignment the washer won’t work

Draining issues

A wet floor will indicate you’ve got a problem here. You’ll need to look at:

  • 1. The drain hose – which may be clogged with a stubborn blockage
  • 2. The drain pump – may be jammed by foreign objects
  • 3. Too much detergent – too many suds prevent the washing machine from draining properly

Spinning difficulties

There are a number of things that can stop your washing machine from spinning correctly including:

  • 1. Unbalanced with too many clothes – clothes need to be evenly distributed
  • 2. Faulty switches – make sure the speed selector switch is properly positioned
  • 3. Belts and motors – wear and tear may mean the repair or replacement of these components

Water leaks

If your washing machine is leaking you can easily address simple issues such as:

  • 1. The load is unbalanced and needs to have the wash basket aligned
  • 2. Hoses have become unattached and need tightening and connecting properly
  • 3. Hose washers are worn and need replacing
  • 4. Drains are clogged and need lint or hair removing

Machine in motion

Solutions here are normally quite simple. Take a look at:

  • 1. The floor – if it isn’t level the washing machine will jump, shake, and bang so use plywood to balance
  • 2. Washer feet – if they’re improperly positioned you’ll need to adjust the levelling mechanism
  • 3. The load of washing – too many clothes can cause imbalance so check for load recommendations

Unacceptable noises

Strange noises can be caused by objects caught in the washing machine or the drains or sensors. Check:

  • 1. Washer drains – remove any items that have become stuck and cause a clicking sound
  • 2. Drain lines – partial blocking causes loud gurgling noises
  • 3. Pumps – remove items that may cause a humming or buzzing noise

Nasty smells

With regular maintenance you can prevent washer odours by:

  • 1. Making sure you’re using the right amount of detergent
  • 2. Cleaning your washing machine on a monthly basis
  • 3. Checking for mould and mildew and removing with a specifically designed product

The cycle won’t end

This is an easy problem to fix as it’s almost always the timer and:

  • 1. A defective timer can easily be removed from behind the control panel and replaced

Safe and Affordable Washing Machine Repairs

Washing machine repairs really need to be carried out by professionals. Choose a company who train technicians specifically in domestic appliance repairs. Then you’ll know the work will be of the highest standard.

You’ll be able to get a quote before your service begins. And be assured of a fully insured service that comes with a guarantee. Booking your service will also be straightforward and you can opt for a short-notice appointment when you need urgent repairs. Get expert help when you want it quickly!