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Convection vs Conventional Ovens – Pros And Cons

Both conventional and convection ovens can be supplied by gas or electricity, but the difference is in the distribution of heat. Convection ovens are becoming increasingly popular as their fan and exhaust system blows hot air around the oven and then vents it back out again – this means that food cooks quickly and evenly. Conventional ovens on the other hand cook food by surrounding it with hot air.

The difference between convection and conventional ovens can be seen here…

The Convection Pros

Oven repairs in South London
  • + Convection ovens can cook up to 25% faster and don’t need a pre-heat, and they cook food at lower temperatures.

  • + Convection bake with its lower fan speed makes lovely pies and pastries rise like croissants

  • + Convection roast is great for cooking meat with crispy outsides, and caramelises exteriors

  • + Convection ovens allow for fast, even cooking as the temperature stays consistent

The Convection Cons

  • The high fan speed can cause lopsided cooking of cookies and cakes

  • The outside of cakes tend to bake and rise faster in the middle, and the top blow over to one side

  • Delicate foods such as custard, flans, and soufflés aren’t suitable for cooking with the fan

  • Whilst browning and creating a crust for bread the interior can become really dry

  • Certain baking vessels can interfere with proper cooking, so you need to use low sided dishes

  • The heating element and the fan are fragile and may need to be repaired at some time

The Conventional ProsElectric Oven

  • + Conventional ovens are simple to operate and ideal for novices, as recipes and cooking times are based on this oven type

  • + Conventional ovens are now designed with an incorporated fan which allows cooking to be done to perfection

  • + Conventional ovens are great for baking meals with liquid ingredients without making a mess

  • + Conventional ovens are basically fool proof with finished dishes that are beautifully cooked

  • + Conventional ovens are ideal for all types of budget

The Conventional Cons

  • When you’re cooking food on racks, dishes on the bottom may undercook while food on the top burns

  • You don’t have the flexibility to roast, cook, bake, and pre-heat, so your cooking options are limited

  • You normally have to spend much more time cooking and may need to cook meals in a row

  • With little or no air circulation baking can be uneven as the heat has to come from the oven walls

  • These ovens can be hot to use during the summer months

Need An Appliance Repairs Service?

When things go wrong you’ll need reputable oven repairs South London to put them right! You’ll get an insured service with work carried out by experienced technicians, and the service is covered by a six months warranty. Get a quote for your job before it begins, and arrange for a short notice booking if you’re in a hurry. Your conventional or convection oven will soon be fully functional again!