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Creda Tumble Dryer Problems And Troubleshooting

Creda tumble dryers have a variety of useful features – including anti-tangle two-way tumbling, high and low heat settings, and safety start buttons. With easy front-loading options and timer controls, these appliances are a busy household necessity.

However, on occasion things can go wrong. And the processes on your dryer can fail to operate properly. To make the features work again a logical systematic search will need to be done – known as troubleshooting. See a range of Creda tumble dryer problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Creda Tumble Dryer Issues

Creda tumble dryer not starting

The power supply will need to be checked as well as the circuit box to establish whether the fuse has blown. Other investigations will include any extension leads, the door operation, the timer control, and the start button.

A qualified repair engineer will easily be able to test all of these settings and functions to find the cause of the problem. And will then carry out the necessary fixes.

Creda tumble dryer not heating

Often the dryer won’t heat up because the heater fuse has tripped – or the thermal overload has cut out. These are both safety measures that prevent the appliance from overheating and catching fire. Thermal cut-outs will need to be reset by an appliance engineer.

Other causes of a Creda tumble dryer with no heat can be related to a defective heating element which has worn over time and will need to be replaced. A faulty thermostat can also cause heating issues. As can an obstruction of lint and dust in the exhaust vent.

Bear in mind that opening the tumble dryer door when it’s still in operation will cause the fan to stop circulating while the heating mechanism is still hot – and this increases the risk of a failing thermostat.

Creda tumble dryer not spinning

There are generally three reasons why your Creda tumble dryer will have stopped spinning and these are the drive belt, the drum, and the motor or capacitor.

The drive belt can become stretched or even break over time. In this case, it will need to be replaced. A seized drum can be caused by the wearing of the rear drum bearing, or the drum support shaft malfunctioning. A worn pulley can cause the drive belt to come off and stick.

A fault with the capacitor will often be indicated by a low humming noise but no drum movement. All of these problems can be diagnosed and sorted by your appliance repair engineer.

Creda tumble dryer squeaking

If your Creda tumble dryer is making squeaking noises this can be attributed to tension pulleys that tighten the drive belt and revolve the entire time that the drum is turning. These small plastic parts are held against the drive belt with strong springs. And they can commonly dry out or wear.

Your appliance engineer will strip the tumble dryer down to access the parts, and either clean and grease them if they aren’t too worn. Otherwise, they’ll need to be replaced.

Squeaking noises can also be caused by dry or worn bearings. And tumble dryer motors can also become noisy and start squeaking. An experienced engineer will swiftly be able to diagnose the reason for the squeaking noises and make the appropriate repairs.

Appliance Repair Specialists

When you need a Creda dryer repair in London, you’ll be able to get a tumble dryer repair service that meets all your requirements and more! There won’t be any need for a deposit – and you can request an accurate quote upfront. A qualified and vetted professional will be sent to carry out your repairs. And you’ll be covered by a full quality guarantee for the next six months.