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Washing Machine Repair in Croydon and More - Ideal For Emergencies!

Cooker electrical repair

When it comes to booking fast acting but totally reliable electrical oven, dishwasher, tumble dryer and washing machine repairs in Croydon, Exclusive Repairs makes it easy...

We offer a full emergency service for when you absolutely must get your domestic appliance working again as soon as possible. All of the work you get from us is insured and guaranteed for 6 months as well, so when it comes to peace of mind - we've got you covered.

Call us today and request a free quote, or simply use our online booking form to book your service. We're here to help!


The Highlights of Our Service

  • All replacement parts and tools used are of the highest quality
  • We fully insure and guarantee all of the work we do for you for a period of six months
  • Reliable experts who can advise you on future care as well as deliver a safe and effective fix
  • We don't ask for a deposit for any maintenance or repair work that we do
  • We're based locally, so we can be with you in short order in an emergency

Domestic Appliance Repair For All Brands and Models

No matter what type of appliance you have - remember, we mend tumble dryers, dishwashers, electrical ovens, cookers and washing machines too! - we can provide lasting repair work. We often work with devices from manufacturers like LG, Aeg, Falcon, Smeg, Neff, Baumatic, Hoover, Whirlpool, Rangemaster, Beko, Hotpoint, Zanussi, Samsung, Bosch, Indesit, Siemens, and Cannon. But we cover others too.

A Guaranteed Service Delivered By Specialists in Croydon

Depending on what type of kitchen appliance you have that needs our attention, we'll always send you a specialist who's got the skills, knowledge, and qualifications required to treat it.

The Croydon and South London area sees the most of the Exclusive Repairs team, but if you need specialist attention for domestic appliances elsewhere don't be afraid to give us a quick call! One of our helpful advisers will always be glad to answer any questions you might have about our coverage.

What Makes Exclusive Repairs Such a Solid Choice?

Giving you complete satisfaction - both when it comes to the long-lasting and effective fix you get for your appliance, and the convenience of your service itself - is our number one priority as a company.

All of Exclusive Repairs' appliance repair services come as standard with a six-month quality guarantee.

And the technician who'll be carrying out your service will always work hard to tidy and clean up the area where they've been working after your service if necessary.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Washing machine repairs

See how our technicians will help with your washing machine repair in Croydon – common problems with washing machines include…

  • The washing machine won’t spin: If the appliance can’t drain within the allocated time it won’t spin for safety reasons. There are a number of other factors that’ll affect the spin cycle, including an overload of washing which alters the balance protection designed for just this! Faulty carbon brushes, contacts on timers, motors, and pressure switches are all electrical related issues that your engineer can quickly resolve for you. Depending on the location of the faulty parts the machine may need to be dismantled before any inspection is carried out, and then replacement components can be fitted.

  • Water not draining from the washing machine: Generally this is some sort of drain pump failure or blockage, and your technician will check for objects in the pump and that the pump is working properly. The machine waste outlet hose will be inspected, as well as the sump hose. The pump is easily blocked with small garments, coins, or items left in pockets, but it’s also possible that the pump is wearing out. Poor flooring and bad installation can also be the cause of washing machine faults, so your technician will work through a checklist of issues to find the problem and fix it.

  • The washing machine door won’t close: If the door doesn’t shut properly the machine probably won’t start. Door locks have in built safety features to prevent the door from opening during the wash cycle. Most faulty locks can simply be replaced, as can hinges if doors won’t properly align. Leaking door seals can also be replaced, and a washing machine door replacement will only be provided as a last resort.

  • The washing machine is leaking: A number of problems need to be addressed here. Your technician will get to work inspecting door seals, drain pumps and filters, heater gaskets, drum and soap drawer damage, and leaking hoses to name just a few! Washing machine valve caps can also become loose, so those’ll be tightened as well.

Specialist Care For a Range of Appliances

You can rely on us for dishwasher repair, tumble dryer repair, a range of fixes for malfunctioning electrical ovens, cookers and washing machine repair anywhere in the 24 wards of Croydon, whether Kenley, Norwood, Coulsdon, Selhurst or Waddon. Our services are availabale in Sutton, Bromley, Lambeth and all of the South London. If you require your service to include cooker hob repair or cooker hood repair too, notify us when you make your booking.

London Borough of Croydon

Croydon is a large town and principle settlement that is located in South London. It is one of the largest commercial districts outside the heart of London and an important centre for shopping. Some of the must-visit attractions are the Museum of Croydon, Cloydon Clocktower, Fairfield Halls or the The Spread Eagle.

Whenever you're experiencing faults with your domestic appliances, Exclusive Repairs is ready to provide the solution.