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Daewoo Washing Machine Error Codes Explained

When your Daewoo washing machine is displaying an error code it will be indicating where a fault may lie - but you may have to do additional troubleshooting to find which component is causing the issue.

Look at some common Daewoo washing machine problems here…

Daewoo washing machine won’t start

This is typically an electrical issue with possibilities including a power outage, a faulty power socket, or defective wiring. Problems can also be related to the Start/Hold button, or even the amount of laundry loaded into your appliance.

Daewoo washing machine door not opening

This can happen when water is left in your washing machine caused by a faulty pressure switch or a blockage in the pressure system. If the pressure switch doesn’t reset the door lock will stay on. The door interlock can become jammed, and the door latch, handle, or other parts of the door mechanism can break so that you’re unable to open the door.

Daewoo washing machine error codes explained

Daewoo washing machine error codes include:


This is an overfilling error possibly caused by a defective inlet valve, drain pump, or level sensor pressure switch.


A high voltage error indicates issues with possible PCB failure causing loud noises.


This error code points to a motor or PCB failure.


Your washing machine displays this code when the drum is rotating in the opposite direction to the way it should. This may be a problem with the hall sensor.


Daewoo dc washing machine E8 error indicates that a main drive motor error has been detected. The motor connection, motor block, and the motor itself will need an inspection.


A pressure sensor error will cause this code to display. The wiring to the pressure switch or level sensor may be the culprit here.


When a fault has been detected with the wash temperature sensor this code will show. There could be issues with the thermistor or temperature sensor.


The wash heating element may be overheating when this error code displays. The water level and temperature sensor will need checking.


Daewoo washing machine error code H6 indicates that the wash heating element is defective and not heating. The wiring, thermistor, or the heating element itself could all be at fault.


When an issue arises with your washing machine detecting that the heating element is working but there’s no water in the appliance this error code will display. Checks will need to be carried out on the water level, wiring, thermistor, and the PCB.


If your washing machine can’t detect any incoming water this implies a water inlet valve failure which results in your appliance being unable to fill. Other components that may be faulty include the drain pump, pressure switch, or the PCB.


This error code indicates that the door isn’t closed securely. Checks will need to be made on the door lock switch, the door latch, followed by the PCB.


Daewoo washing machine error code OE means that water has been unable to drain from your appliance. This can be caused by a defective drain pump, faulty wiring, a malfunctioning water level sensor, or connections to the water valve and PCB.


Your washing machine has detected a blocked filter which will need to be cleared.


When the wash load has been detected as unbalanced this error code will show and will result in your washing machine being unable to spin.

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