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Delonghi Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Oven issues can cause immense pressure and tension resulting from these demanding circumstances! However, there are common problems that generally cause things to go wrong and knowing what the dilemma is will make you feel more hopeful even if you can’t fix it yourself.

See a range of Delonghi oven problems and troubleshooting here...

Delonghi oven not working

If there’s a problem with the power supply your oven simply won’t work. Components that need to be checked include the mains power supply, socket and switch, wiring and fuses.

The circuit breaker may trip each time you turn your oven on and this will need to be safely investigated by a qualified repair technician as this could involve replacing the oven’s heating element.

Delonghi oven not heating

A Delonghi oven not getting hot is generally related to a problem with the heating element. If the fan is running and the thermostat light is on but there is no heat this is an indication that the heating element is the culprit.

The thermostat may also be faulty. When you preheat your oven it should maintain the set temperature. If this doesn’t happen the temperature controls may need to be recalibrated, or the thermostat itself replaced.

A defective temperature sensor will also affect the oven temperature. The sensor should be fitted away from the oven wall - if this is the case and the oven is still not heating then the sensor itself may need to be repaired or replaced.

Other issues could be with the door not closing properly which results in the heating element being disabled. This can also happen if the door is open and closed frequently during cooking times.

Delonghi oven lights not working

A replacement bulb may be all that’s required but there could be more complex issues with a faulty switch, connecting wires, or with the electronic control. Bear in mind your oven may be fitted with a “lights off” option that will need to be cancelled.

Delonghi oven door won’t close or open

If your oven door won’t stay shut the hinges may need replacing. This can be quite a complicated job as the door may need to be disassembled alongside the removal of the side panel.

Other parts that need to be looked at include the door springs to confirm that they’re not broken. If they are they need to be replaced. The rubber gasket that lines the inside edge of the door may become loose or worn and this too may have to be replaced to keep the door closed.

If your oven door won’t open this could be that a self-cleaning cycle has been carried out and for safety measures the door will stay locked until the temperature has lowered. You can reset or cancel the self-cleaning cycle to allow the oven to cool and the door to open If this doesn’t happen you’ll need expert advice.

Delonghi oven won’t self-clean

There are several reasons why this might happen including a defective door switch. The oven door needs to close securely for this cleaning cycle to safely start. If this isn’t the problem there could be operating issues related to the temperature control thermostat, the wiring, thermal fuse, or the main oven control board.

Experiencing Delonghi oven problems?

Delonghi oven repairs will be carried out quickly and effectively by highly trained engineers using advanced tools and equipment. With short notice bookings and upfront quotes provided you’ll be able to get a fully insured service that meets all of your needs. As soon as your repair is completed you’ll also be provided with a full guarantee that lasts for six months.