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Diplomat Dishwasher Problems And Troubleshooting

Diplomat dishwashers often come as part of the package within the kitchen – and are normally integrated. Although the company is no longer trading genuine and pattern spares for these appliances are readily available and generally good value for money.

See various Diplomat dishwasher problems and troubleshooting here…

Error Code Explanation and Diplomat Dishwasher Troubleshooting

Diplomat dishwasher error codes vary depending on the model. You may need to refer to your manufacturer’s manual for a more detailed account. However, the principles of the following Diplomat dishwasher fault codes will be the same:

E1 – a leak has been detected. This can be due to a range of issues and can cause the anti-flood device to be activated. Leaks can be caused by defective mounts on the door latch, problems with the connector block on the anti-flood device, and when excessive amounts of soap have been used. Other leaking problems may be related to a damaged or deteriorated door seal.

E2 – indicating too much water has been taken in causing the pressure switch safety level to trip. The overflow protection is designed to detect potential water leakage and stop the overflow. It immediately disconnects the power and disables the supply of water into the machine.

E3 – Diplomat dishwasher problems with not heating can be due to a faulty heating element or thermostat. You’ll know when the water isn’t hot enough as the resulting wash won’t be clean or dry. Heating elements can burn out or suffer from electrical faults. And may need to be replaced.

The thermostat is the other component that can commonly cause the dishwasher not to heat – if it’s faulty the heating element won’t turn on and the water will stay cold.

E4 – a temperature sensor fault may be the reason why the water temperature in your dishwasher isn’t right. This part senses when the water is hot enough to clean the load – and no additional heat will be added. If not, the wash cycle will be extended. A faulty sensor will need replacing.

E5 – when your dishwasher isn’t filling it’ll get insufficient water which results in poor cleaning. This can be due to dirty water valve filter screens, or a defective water inlet valve. Another common problem is the float getting stuck in the raised position.

E6 – this code indicates that your Diplomat dishwasher is not draining properly. This can be caused by an insecure drain hose connection, drain hose clamp, or be power-supply related. The filter may be blocked with food debris, or the electrical solenoid that controls the drain valve may have burned out causing the valve to freeze. This will need to be replaced.

E7 – when a signal from the flow meter isn’t received (when fitted) this code will appear. And the dishwasher needs to be professionally reset.

E8 – on models with an alternate wash cycle this code points to a faulty motor diverter valve. This component controls the water pressure between the upper and lower spray arms – allowing for a higher rinsing pressure.

Error codes should be shown automatically when they occur – if they aren’t visible your engineer will access them by starting a diagnostic test cycle.

Audible errors such as your Diplomat dishwasher beeping can be activated by a full drip tray, an obstructed filter, an unlatched door, or a problem with power surges. Your engineer will quickly diagnose any of these Diplomat dishwasher faults.

Get A Fully Guaranteed Fix

Diplomat dishwasher repair London experts will provide you with a comprehensive service – fully insured with a six-month quality assurance. You can ask for a quote on any repair upfront. And arrange a short notice booking if you need to. All engineers are highly trained and will come armed with advanced tools and equipment to get your job done.