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Diplomat Electric Oven Problems And Troubleshooting

Diplomat electric ovens are no longer in production. However, you don’t need to buy a new appliance if your Diplomat oven is not working. A range of high-quality spares are available – and your local engineer will be able to fix any issues for you quickly and cost-effectively.

You may not be able to able to replace the parts yourself – but it’s useful to know which oven components are causing the issue before you call in the professionals. Look at some Diplomat electric ovens problems and troubleshooting here…

Common Faults with Diplomat Electric Ovens

Diplomat oven won’t turn on

If your oven is set in the auto position this will prevent the oven from turning on as it needs to be set to manual. The more likely issue will relate to power failure – a faulty socket, or blown fuse causing the circuit breaker to trip. Any electrical issues need to be referred to a qualified electrician.

Diplomat oven not heating up

The temperature sensor located inside the oven may not be functioning properly. And this can cause the oven not to heat to the correct temperature. The sensor should rise alongside the internal temperature – if it’s touching the wall that will affect the ability to accurately measure the internal temperature – and it may need to be repositioned.

Heating elements can break or wear out over time and will glow dimly or not at all. One or both of them may need to be replaced. If the fan is operating and the thermostat light is on and there’s still no heat this could be due to a failing fan element.

Diplomat electric oven not cooking evenly

The components most likely to be at fault here are the heating elements and temperature sensors. When the oven is preheated the elements should glow red – and the temperature sensor resistance rises with the temperature. If this isn’t happening replacement parts will be needed. Overheating and burning food points to thermostat failure.

Diplomat oven fan not working

If the fan isn’t spinning properly or is noisy this could indicate that the fan motor may be at fault. The cooling fan motor can also cause these same issues. A malfunctioning electric oven fan element will blow cold air even though the fan is turning. If the fan that distributes hot air is defective the oven will quickly overheat and this can be dangerous. You’ll need an appliance technician to investigate this further and make the necessary repairs.

Diplomat grill not functioning

There are several explanations as to why this may happen. It could be a damaged grill element, an imperfect oven changeover switch, or a thermostat overheating which is used to regulate the grill temperature. A blown fuse or simply wear and tear can cause the grill to stop working. A broken grill can be replaced by your repair technician.

Diplomat electric oven keeps cutting out

Overheating issues are normally connected to the fan motor, the main oven thermostat, or a faulty safety thermostat that shuts the oven down if it senses overheating. If the airflow is restricted to your electric oven this will also cause overheating and it will shut off. Problems with heating elements and sensors can also contribute.

Fast and Long-lasting Appliance Repairs

When you need Diplomat oven repairs in London you need to get in touch with trusted and experienced technicians as fixing electric ovens is their speciality. You’ll be able to call to get a quote. And book an appointment six days a week – for no extra charge. Your service will be fully insured. And any repairs will automatically come with a quality guarantee that lasts for six months.